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This is a question Fairgrounds, theme parks, circuses and carnivals

Tell us about the time the fairground came to town and you were sick in a hedge; or when you went to a theme park or circus and were sick in a hedge

Suggested by mariam67

(, Thu 9 Jun 2011, 10:37)
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A theme park near the manor at Drayton
One of the kids’ rides was a bunch of four seater 1920’s Ant Hill Mob looking cars with a steering wheel on each seat. We harangued the operator to let us on as it was quiet and she looked bored. We promised we only wanted to try and have a go on everything in the park as a bet. As soon as the ride started however the poor girl was witness to a bunch of 16yr olds trundling round a zig-zag track at 1mph acting out an improvised obscenity strewn gun toting car chase road rage scene in slow motion.
I would like to say she found our antics massively crotch moistening and voraciously took our respective cherries, but in reality she just waited for the ride to run its course and just told us in no uncertain terms we were all fucking idiots. An accurate statement that seems to still fit the bill to this day.
(, Thu 9 Jun 2011, 14:26, closed)
Ha ha I did exactly the same thing
some time in the early 1980s. You just reminded me.
(, Thu 9 Jun 2011, 15:06, closed)
**clicks and clicks**
This has made me laugh like a mong on nitrous oxide. Superb.
(, Thu 9 Jun 2011, 19:56, closed)

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