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This is a question Fairgrounds, theme parks, circuses and carnivals

Tell us about the time the fairground came to town and you were sick in a hedge; or when you went to a theme park or circus and were sick in a hedge

Suggested by mariam67

(, Thu 9 Jun 2011, 11:37)
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While We're Waiting...
Some Fairground/theme park/circus/carnival-related musical "pieces"...

A Fair Affair - Misty Oldland
Fairground - Simply Red
Rollercoaster - RHCP
Helter Skelter - Mötley Crue
The Circus (album) - Erasure
The Two-Ring Circus (album) - Erasure *insert pun here*
Carnival - Lionrock
Carnival - Disclosure
Circus - Britney Spears
Waltzer - Digital
The Circus - Take That
Dodgem Dude - Michael Moonrock's Deep Fix
(, Thu 16 Jun 2011, 12:49, Reply)
A fairground? With all those escalators and underground trains?
They should call it a TUBE STATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(, Thu 16 Jun 2011, 12:33, 1 reply)
I used to work at Thorpe Park dressed as a clown selling balloons.
I'd spend my weekend boiling in a nylon clown outfit, pretending to be happy whilst children 'honked' my fake nose and I nearly died of hangover.

I am not proud of myself.
(, Thu 16 Jun 2011, 12:24, Reply)
Fun at the fair, hard man style
Many, many moons ago while I was working during the summer months to fund my university education (a third class degree in Internet Trolling Studies), the fair came to town. The nature of the work was, shall we say, not that mentally challenging and there were some fairly rough blokes working in my team. The most colourful character was a meat head called Ian. He did a lot of weights, which, coupled with his job which consisted of lifting heavy stuff and spitting, meant that he looked like a bit of a hard bastard. He also liked to fight and would do stupid things to get into fights when he was out, like wearing a Fred Flintstone T-shirt into a club and waiting for someone to mention it, so that he could come accross all pseudo East End gangster on them. A complete twunt basically, who attracted others of his ilk like a moist turd attracts flies.
I soon realised that going anywhere with this bloke was not a good idea, but nevertheless, one pay day the whole team ended up at the fair after the pub. Ian strides up to the punch ball game and somehow manages to attain a mediocre score. All of us other blokes resisted the urge to try and outdo him, knowing what a violent knob cheese muncher he was. The skinny looking 16 year old fair ground kid who was watching did not resist though. He strode up to the machine, paid his 50p and smacked the punch ball with panache, outdoing Ian hugley, before winking at him. Ian did not take kindly to this and skipped straight to his best Begbie impression. I would pay money to watch that kid panel Ian again. He calmed down after that, and for all I know he's probably still living with his Mum and eating pasta shapes.
(, Thu 16 Jun 2011, 12:21, 2 replies)

(, Thu 16 Jun 2011, 12:08, Reply)
The QOTW has degenerated into bad puns?
I'd say that this is...

*puts on sunglasses*


(, Thu 16 Jun 2011, 12:08, 1 reply)
Just in time
A couple of years ago I went to the local carnival with some friends, and happened to bump into one of my old school teachers. He didn’t seem very happy to see me though (most likely because of all of the stick I used to give him back in my school days) and he clearly thought it was time for some payback. So he began verbally abusing me right in front of my mates, taking the piss out of my haircut and saying he’d shagged my mum and everything. Made me look like a right prick. And that’s my story about the sir cuss.
(, Thu 16 Jun 2011, 11:55, 3 replies)
OK, this is getting painful to read now.
The big top has been taken down, the elephants are back in the cages, the clowns have washed off their make up and all is left is a big brown patch of dead grass where the big top once stood. It's time for you lot to clear off home too. The QOTW circus will be back in town shortly.
(, Thu 16 Jun 2011, 11:55, Reply)
Where is the off switch for the internets?
So I can put an end to all these puns.
(, Thu 16 Jun 2011, 11:53, 2 replies)
These are terrible pun/jokes...here's mine.
I saw a funfair advertised, so I turned up with my £5 entry fee, but alas, there was no funfair at all.

Instead just a smarmy grinning liar and a hideous witch with a smile that could engulf a bus.

(, Thu 16 Jun 2011, 11:38, 1 reply)
I shagged my wife's dog.
Affair hound.
(, Thu 16 Jun 2011, 11:38, 5 replies)
Shit jokes it is....

Why did the ghost go to the funfair. He wanted to go on the rollerghoster.
(, Thu 16 Jun 2011, 11:03, 5 replies)
I Once Put My Bus Ticket Into A Blender

it was fare ground....

(, Thu 16 Jun 2011, 10:45, 1 reply)
I once tried to entice an emergency distress signal into sex.
That was a flare groomed.
(, Thu 16 Jun 2011, 10:33, 2 replies)
Evel Fairground?
Should have been called Evel Karnival
(, Thu 16 Jun 2011, 10:17, Reply)
I once went to a fair in the grounds of a Mormon meeting house.


(, Thu 16 Jun 2011, 8:27, 11 replies)
I seen a group on gynecologists in a field.
I think it was a Smearground.

This made me laugh way more than it should have.
(, Thu 16 Jun 2011, 6:49, 2 replies)
Once attended..
A festival dedicated to female horses.
It was a Mareground.

I am so sorry.
(, Thu 16 Jun 2011, 6:15, Reply)

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