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This is a question Family codes and rituals

Freddy Woo writes, "as a child we used to have a 'whoever cuts doesn't choose the slice' rule with cake. It worked brilliantly, but it's left me completely anal about dividing up food - my wife just takes the piss as I ritually compare all the slice sizes."

What codes and rituals does your family have?

(, Thu 20 Nov 2008, 18:05)
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Every Third Sunday of the Month
My family gather to discuss BOAT and all BOAT related activities.

Crazy but true.
(, Thu 27 Nov 2008, 11:54, 22 replies)
(, Thu 27 Nov 2008, 12:02, closed)
(, Thu 27 Nov 2008, 12:02, closed)
(, Thu 27 Nov 2008, 12:02, closed)
How did it go again.......? Oh, I remember!......BOAT!
(, Thu 27 Nov 2008, 12:03, closed)
Is there some sort of tragic irony here?...

That somebody bandwagons on a meme that is taking the piss out of the fact that people bandwagon on memes?

Ooh, my brain hurts now.
(, Thu 27 Nov 2008, 12:06, closed)
I'm not sure
if you're being mean about me or not as the whole irony concept is too complicated.

So i'll just stop.
(, Thu 27 Nov 2008, 12:08, closed)
Let me explain...

*sits Al on knee*

*fondles a bit*

What I think I mean is that you have been taking the piss out of the BOAT thing and its followers, by doing loads of replies saying BOAT! - LOL!

Thusly damning the bandwagoning sheep culture (or collective community element).

And Winkie Dink has done that exact thing by jumping on the bandwagon of your posts with BOAT! - LOL!

Thusly creating a paradox which will undoubtedly destroy the universe in the blink of an eye...

or something.

So thanks for that...
(, Thu 27 Nov 2008, 12:22, closed)
I suspect
that Winkie Dink is a meat puppet.
(, Thu 27 Nov 2008, 12:24, closed)

Could be.
(, Thu 27 Nov 2008, 12:31, closed)
I agree
with this assertion.
(, Thu 27 Nov 2008, 12:35, closed)
I get the impression that al is a bit of a bully boy / attention seeker. Might be wrong, but that's just how he comes across with a lot of his replies to other people's posts.
(, Thu 27 Nov 2008, 12:31, closed)
That's the sort of thing
a total cunt would say.

*lives up to apparent reputation*
(, Thu 27 Nov 2008, 12:34, closed)

(, Thu 27 Nov 2008, 12:52, closed)
You're right
He's an absolute cunt.
(, Thu 27 Nov 2008, 12:53, closed)
It's times like
this I'm glad I have friends like you.
(, Thu 27 Nov 2008, 12:55, closed)
Stop bullying me :(
Why do you have to be so mean?
(, Thu 27 Nov 2008, 12:56, closed)
I can't help it
It's the attention seeker in me.

I'm concerned however that in by reacting to accusations of attention seeking and bullying I am both bullying and seeking attention. Is that ironic? I'm lost.
(, Thu 27 Nov 2008, 13:00, closed)

Let me explain again, Al.

Oh, actually, I'm lost too.

Anyway, stop bullying everybody and attention seeking or I'll take away your spanking priviidges and make you sit on the naughty step.

You should be nice...like me...that's right...ME...Look at me!, everybody look at ME!. You all BETTER look at me or I'll kick your fuckin' teeth in...
(, Thu 27 Nov 2008, 13:13, closed)
What is BOAT?
(, Thu 27 Nov 2008, 12:53, closed)

(, Thu 27 Nov 2008, 12:55, closed)

and LOL is BOAT.
(, Thu 27 Nov 2008, 12:59, closed)
...would it capsize?
(, Thu 27 Nov 2008, 13:52, closed)

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