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This is a question Sexual fetishes

Rubber wetsuits. Knee-high boots. Nuclear-powered clockwork cucumbers. Dressing up as Pingu whilst reading out loud from the works of Dan Brown. What floats your boat? Or what fetishes have you encountered? Suggestion via crackhouseceilidhband.

(, Thu 22 Oct 2009, 13:25)
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I used to go to boarding school,
as did a mate of mine, but different schools, different decades and different countries.

We were sat chatting one day about our school days, and the pros and cons of boarding. One of the main cons of course is the lack of girls, and I was telling him about the sexual fantasies I used to have about matron (even though she was a quite unattractive 45 year old alcoholic), when he told me this amazing story.

A friend of his had gone to see matron with a condom in his pocket and asked her how you use one. This was in a school run by the Christian Brothers in The Republic of Ireland in the late 70's. Instead of reporting him to the head, Matron had started telling him how to use one while he took out the condom and followed her instructions. He was left stood in front of her with a sheathed erection poking out of his shorts. He started wanking, Matron sat down and watched him, he came popped his cock back in and left the room. Then went and told my mate.

After hearing this story, what could my mate do,but get his hands on a condom, go to Matron and ask her how you use one. The story was repeated, and then repeated every Tuesday night for the rest of his school days. She never touched him, touched herself or said anything. He would just walk in, have a posh wank while she watched and then leave.

Now as far I'm concerned, this story gives me the raging horn, and I told him so. He came up with the bright idea of making a video. We could set up a room to look like an ancillary, get a middle aged woman in a white coat, and film me walking in, having a posh wank, and then leaving. Then I would have the video of me wanking to wank over.

And I guess that's my fetish. I want to wank over a video of me having a posh wank in front of a middle aged woman in a white coat. Unfortunately we were in Thailand at the time, and though I could think of plenty of Thai ladies who would be only too happy to be Matron, it would ruin the effect. The woman must be white. So I still don't have my video. I was back in sunny Blighty last year, but had forgotten all about it. This question reminded me, but alas I'm now back in Asia. If there are any white women between the ages of 40 and 50 reading this in Jakarta who wouldn't mind playing the part of Matron for my video, it's a damn shame, as I would say gaz me, but I'd just get a load of piss takers.
(, Sun 25 Oct 2009, 12:14, 1 reply)
I think
you need to visit some CFNM sites, there's stacks of videos with pretty much the storyline you have detailed above.

Ahem, I would imagine.
(, Tue 27 Oct 2009, 22:30, closed)

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