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This is a question School fights

I don't remember much of the fight - it'd been building for weeks, petty things, knocking over my stuff, calling names - but it didn't last long... He hit me, I hit him, then *whack* he connected with my jaw and it all went black.

Coming round, surrounded by some friends, it was apparently "really cool". All I know is my head hurt. A lot.

Tell us about the legendary fights at school.

(, Fri 10 Mar 2006, 10:43)
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Let's see...
I've been in a few petty fights which, while they may have been spectacular at the time, are now long forgotten by all (except me, aparrently)

There was also a really fat girl me and my friends used to bully (sorry if I sound proud of it) and one day she attacked us for a change. I used our game boy link cable and gave her a whipping - literally!

There was a guy in the year below us whom I fought using rolled up newspapers as sort of makeshift swords. He had maybe 30-40 of his year backing him up, my mates all scarpered. I got out of it fairly unscathed, though.

My favourite has got to be my attacking our Physics teacher, though. Or so the story goes. I was actually writing a movie script, and he picked it up. I leapt up and snatched it back from him. Most people will tell you I physically assaulted him, though. In a few years I'm sure people will say I killed him or something.

Needless to say, I've something of a reputation for being a very agressive individual, by now.
(, Mon 13 Mar 2006, 18:36, Reply)

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