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This is a question Best Films Ever

We love watching films and we're always looking for interesting things to watch - so tell us the best movie you've seen and why you enjoyed it.

(, Thu 17 Jul 2008, 14:30)
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A film where no character is exaggerated or supernatural, no super heroes, no Die Hards, no guns.

There is no scene in the film that a viewer would not expect to have happen to themselves.

No-one does anything in their day that they would not do on every other day of their life.

Characters are seen larger than life because we see themselves from their own POV, what is important to them. But still no car chase, gun waving, all other Hollywood tactics to take us awy from our popcorn.

What you get is a spellbinding tale where real people are driven by their strongest desires and fears, however irrational, this is what makes the people we meet daily tick.,

my gf bought me a copy, I was going to the cinema to see it that often at the time..
(, Mon 21 Jul 2008, 1:21, 2 replies)
Sentimental claptrap
Sorry Amelie really makes me bristle. I'm no fan of Hollywood blockbusters either, but thought Amelie was appalling. I walked out of the cinema after 20 minutes, leaving my companion alone - there was no way I was staying to watch such almighty crapola. And it always comes up in conversation - people seem to define themselves by their love of this film and it gets on my tits no end. I'm in my element watching good French cinema such as what Truffaut and his gang made, but would rather watch "dude, where's my car" or almost anything rather than flippin' Amelie.

Er.. just my opinion!
(, Mon 21 Jul 2008, 12:12, closed)
This is not relevant to my interests.
No explosions. No guns. No superheroes.

Does it even have a kung fu fight in it?
(, Tue 22 Jul 2008, 11:32, closed)

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