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This is a question Have you ever started a fire?

I went to sleep with candles burning - woke up to a circle of flame on the rug. Thought, "Tits. Better put the rug in the bath and turn the taps on." TIP: Don't put a burning rug into a fibre glass bath. I caused about £5000 of damage to the house and was coughing up smoky black phlegm for a few weeks. Can you beat that?

(, Tue 2 Mar 2004, 17:48)
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ooh, this one is for me, I've been starting fires all through my youth (haven't stopped yet)
the earliest I can remember must have been the bus-stop across my school, I used to put everything (sometimes everyone) on fire if I could. It got me on trouble when I was burning papers that belonged to my school. Then I remember throwing matches in the waste bin outside, I've been told that after I ran off one of the teachers came to put the fire out...
Then there was the occasional burning plastic bag on the playground or in the toilets. And soon after that I started playing with gasoline, that one was fun, we watched the fire from 500 meters away while it was devouring a tree-house (I checked to see if those kids weren't playing in it first, I'm not THAT bad). I guess that's about it, my father did put himself on fire while trying to light the fire, but I put him out (well, the fire that is...)
(, Thu 4 Mar 2004, 9:08, Reply)

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