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This is a question First World Problems

Onemunki says: We live in a world of genuine tragedy, starvation and terror. So, after hearing stories of cruise line passengers complaining at the air conditioning breaking down, what stories of sheer single-minded self-pity get your goat?

(, Thu 1 Mar 2012, 12:00)
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I overheard this conversation a couple of years ago...
(Yeah, topical. Still, I'll plough on.)

Pig's Arse #1: Well, we used to go to South Africa for our holidays, but since the blacks got the vote it's gone downhill.
Pig's Arse #2: Yeah, it was much better for tourists in the old days.
(, Mon 5 Mar 2012, 9:48, 5 replies)
I feel the same about pre 1918 England.
Bloody Suffragettes.
(, Mon 5 Mar 2012, 11:02, closed)
Yes, the world would be so much better
If only Emmeline Pankhurst had learnt to be a better cook.
(, Tue 6 Mar 2012, 16:42, closed)
It was much better before the fookin' prawns moved in as well.
Though the cost of cat food has gone through the roof since.
(, Mon 5 Mar 2012, 11:55, closed)
I just watched that again today.
As it happens.
(, Mon 5 Mar 2012, 12:01, closed)
Took me a while to get the reference - my head wasn't in the right district.
(, Mon 5 Mar 2012, 12:33, closed)

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