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This is a question Food sabotage

Some arse at work commands that you make them tea. How do you get revenge? You gob in it, of course...

How have you creatively sabotaged other people's food to get you own back? Just how petty were your reasons for doing it? Did they swallow?

(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 15:31)
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Some comedian or other suggested it.
I cooked a vegatarian couple a lasagne with real mince in it, they said it was the best they had tasted and asked how I made it taste so meaty.

Now I know I shouldn't have but I simply said, "with meat" I was drunk by then and thought they'd see the funny side. Jane spewed up there and then like I'd flicked a fucking spew switch.

Mark, a closet meat eater expressed his faux concern and berated me though I though he was gonna crack up laughing any minute.

Mark still talks to me but Jane blanks me everytime we all get together. So it was a good result because I never liked the fucker anyway, hemp wearing fucking hippy.

Which always makes me wonder to what lengths us blokes will go for a regular shag because Mark lies his fucking arse off to her and talks the same shite she does in her presence, but happily sits with us in KFC before a movie either like she never existed or the chickens are quorn... strange.
(, Fri 19 Sep 2008, 9:41, 15 replies)
Well deserved
Vegetarianism is stupid.
(, Fri 19 Sep 2008, 9:45, closed)
Me too!
My now ex had a childhood friend that had a massive crush on her and would do anything to undermine our relationship. He was also a strict vegan,however, he seemed to like all the meat products that ended up on his plate whenever he came for dinner. Hah!

I did occaisonally feel some guilt about this, until I found out that after a night out drinking together(I wasn't there) he thought it necessary to strip my ex down to her knickers to put her drunken self into bed. The weedy little creepy twunt!
(, Fri 19 Sep 2008, 10:17, closed)
I used to put bits of ham in my mum's food when she went through a veggie phase.
(, Fri 19 Sep 2008, 10:20, closed)
Evil fuckers
The lot of you.

No, really. Bastards. It's a fucking horrible thing to do.
(, Fri 19 Sep 2008, 10:40, closed)
I dunno
If somebody praises your food for tasting great and asks how you got it to taste so meaty, they clearly like meat and are in denial about it.
(, Fri 19 Sep 2008, 11:39, closed)
Liking meat
or not has very little to do with being vegetarian.
(, Fri 19 Sep 2008, 12:01, closed)
Meaty Meaty
Indeed, at the Q for sandwiches our butty van cateers for these animeic sunken eyed traitors to 3 Millions years evolution...

Quorn Sausage
Quorn Pork
Quorn Chicken

Surely it's just fucking quorn... and what do they know meat from?
(, Fri 19 Sep 2008, 12:05, closed)
are a cunt of the lowest order.

I can't think of anything else to say to you, as common decency and logic are clearly lost on you.
(, Fri 19 Sep 2008, 13:43, closed)
Get a grip...
What's wrong? feeling a little irritable, fient and light headed.

Eat a roll 'n' sausage and try replying if not with a sense of decency, try humour.
(, Fri 19 Sep 2008, 16:35, closed)
That fact that something tastes nice....

... does not thereby also confer an automatic moral or ethical right for us to eat it.

And it seems there are sanctimonious twats on both sides of the vege/omnivore argument, from the evidence of this qotw.
(, Fri 19 Sep 2008, 14:33, closed)
I would just like
to commend you on remaining reasonable and polite, where I have been reduced to resorting to the anglo saxon. You're a better man than me.
(, Fri 19 Sep 2008, 16:27, closed)
Fucking pathetic
I'm sure you'd see the funny side of it if someone smeared shit in your sandwich and watched you eat it.
(, Fri 19 Sep 2008, 11:08, closed)
So it may be funny...
But I doubt I'd commend their sandwich making abilities afterwards.
(, Fri 19 Sep 2008, 12:06, closed)
If animals were not meant to be eaten, God wouldn't have made them out of meat, would he?
(, Fri 19 Sep 2008, 15:29, closed)

see e.g. Flanders & Swann, decades ago.
(, Fri 19 Sep 2008, 16:23, closed)

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