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This is a question Getting Old

Drimble asks: When was it last brought home to you just how old you're getting? We last asked this in 2004, and you're eight years older now. Eight. Years.

(, Thu 7 Jun 2012, 13:24)
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I say motorhome.
A caravan will sit in your backyard and get used 4 weeks a year.
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 13:59, 2 replies)
Although motorhomes look like a pain in the arse to drive around, park etc.
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 14:01, closed)
I am going to hire one when I go to the US next year and am dreading that part.
I am bound to smash it up.
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 14:09, closed)
No more a pain in the arse
than having a flimsy box on wheels swaying around behind you every time a sparrow flies past and farts, I'd say.

Mind you, that one they had on Top Gear a few years back that came complete with a slide-out-the-side sports car would never make it around British country roads....
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 19:14, closed)
I'd be out every weekend.
Roaming the length and breadth of this sceptered isle.
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 14:11, closed)

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