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This is a question Good Advice

My pal inspects factories for a living, and I shall take his expert advice to the grave: "Never eat the meat pies". Tell us the best advice you've ever received.

(, Thu 20 May 2010, 12:54)
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She sounds amazing
And about 100x harder than me as well. I need to man up!!
(, Mon 24 May 2010, 17:09, 1 reply)
without wishing to sound like an old git
people don't realise what some of our grand parents went through, compared to our relatively easy life's. Apreciate her while you can. When I realised how much of a legend my grandad was he had died. He was a policeman during the war (II) and saw some pretty nasty things, people burning alive in the blitz etc..never used to talk about it though surprisingly. His cliam to fame was on VE day. He was pictured next to Winston Churchill while he was giving the victory sign from his roller (tried to look for picture and failed, too many), again only learnt about this after he died. I tell anyone that has their grandparents still around to appreciate them, especially if they have led an intersting life....i don't have many regrets in life but that is definately one of them.
(, Mon 24 May 2010, 17:48, closed)
You should contact one of these
Find that picture!

Nans and grandads are tuly amazing.
(, Mon 24 May 2010, 20:50, closed)
Thanks Herb!
I will check this out later and see if I can spot him. I do have a copy of the original from my mum which I have hanging on my wall in my dining room but good to know there may be other sources I can get this from just in case it gets damaged. Thanks again!
(, Tue 25 May 2010, 10:48, closed)
Can't find the picture anywhere sadly
I have a feeling the picture was taken by a friend of my Grandad's because the only pictures I seem to find are all on the outskirts of trafalgar sqaure :( Looks like the pros didn't get very close due to crowd mass.
(, Tue 25 May 2010, 11:10, closed)

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