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This is a question Best Graffiti Ever

My favourite was a public loo in Oxford where someone had written a huge poem all down the cubicle door. Best bit? Someone else had added detailed literary criticism. Only in Oxford. Have you seen better? Worse? Do tell.

(, Thu 3 May 2007, 17:16)
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Loads of these
One on the wall the urinal is on saying "come closer, it's shorter than you think"

one cheeky sod had scrawled on the floor "Look right", then on the respective walls "look forwards", "look up", and finally "look back" on the ceiling. Behind you the immortal words "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING YOU'RE SHITTING ON THE FLOOR! LOOK AT THE FLOOR AGAIN AND CONCENTRATE"

I like it anyway.

"James loves bumgayrapistcockmunchers - call 07959....."

Making Mr Pringles look like hitler.

"Vote BNP" - and with "do a little dance mid-shit, if you" scrawled on top - in the toilet cubicle again.

edit: another toilet one: "mummy, daddy, if you are reading this it is because I didn'T come home. I'm meeting Charly off the internet in a minute in here" with two childsized, pretty shit drawings of handprints in red colour... ouch...
re-edit: and of course who can forget the classic "HAHA! You're fucked now!" on the empty roll of bogpaper.
(, Thu 3 May 2007, 19:26, Reply)

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