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This is a question Best Graffiti Ever

My favourite was a public loo in Oxford where someone had written a huge poem all down the cubicle door. Best bit? Someone else had added detailed literary criticism. Only in Oxford. Have you seen better? Worse? Do tell.

(, Thu 3 May 2007, 17:16)
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And yet more Merseyside railway stories...
Seeing that railway bridge reminded me that for some inexplicable reason the railway bridge in Bromborough was covered with Wu-Tang Clan graffiti. And if you know Bromborough (or the Wirral for that matter) you'd know that it's hardly the place you'd expect to find many rap fans. If I was back home I'd try and get a picture - although I'd probably be chased off by scallies at this time of year.

Also, El Barto, the infamous Springfield graffiti artist visited The Wirral once and left so many tags that he made the front page of The Wirral Globe...yep, graffiti was big news back home.
(, Thu 10 May 2007, 0:42, Reply)

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