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This is a question Greed

Buzzkillington says: "I once worked for Pizza Hut... Whats the the worst thing you've ever done for money?" And while we're here, tell us about greedy people you know. Money or pie, it doesn't matter.

(, Thu 14 Apr 2011, 16:30)
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beer bbq offer of more beer
several monsoons ago when we had a rather pleasant weekend, we decided to hold a bbq party.
much buying of beer burgers prawns and other tasty burney things later, we are ready for teh off and so light the bbq, but before we had even got to this stage much beer vodka and tequila had been consumed and bets made as to who was going to be the first to get arseholed. as a side bet a friend decided to wager that i wouldnt sniff some squirty creme, the fool!

Bbq was kicking of well and truly more had been drunk and friend raised the wage again and produced the aerosol of squirt creme. being the gulible fool and wankerd to boot i took the can from him and then shoved the nozzle up my nose and let fly with the spray.....

dear god possibly the worst thing i have ever done for a bet, my eyes started to stream, my nose felt like it was falling of, but it was just a mix of snot and expanding spray creme , i couldnt stop coughing up great lumps of creme from the back of my mouth it just kept ouzing out of my nose, what followed next was a nightmare . for the next week all any one who was near me could smell was rancid creme, me? i coudnt smell any thing but then again i couldnt taste any thing for a week either, developed a massive sinus infection and when the doctor asked me about it and the smell, he nearly pissed himself laughing .
and what was the great pay off for so much suffering i hear you ask?

1 can of beer! and you know what ?
i feel cheated, that beer was bought by me for the damned bbq

feel fee to add punctuation where you think it is needed
(, Sun 17 Apr 2011, 22:00, Reply)

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