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This is a question Guilty Pleasures, part 2

It's been a while since we last asked this question and CaptainFellatioNelson's confession that he likes "to fart under the duvet, creep in and see how long I can last only on the fart air contained within" reminded us just how good it was last time.

What are the little things you do for fun when nobody else is around?

(, Thu 13 Mar 2008, 11:48)
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Making the weekend shop bearable
When I was but a little chutney growing up in the North East of England I was obsessed by Vikings, the whole shebang, their history, mythology, the ships, the big shiny axes. And their method of writing…

Yes, at the age of about 12 precocious little chutney that I was back then, I knew runes.

No, not just knew them but could write them as well. As I grew older and my historical interests changed I became more interested in Anglo Saxon history and so rather predictably I learnt the Saxon Runic alphabet as well.

Of course as is the nature of life, time passed I grew up and found beer, then ladies and lots of other such equally enjoyable pastimes & eventually after much trying I became a man and put away the childish things of my youth.

But strangely not the runes.
No They have stuck. Years passed and memories grow dim but I still found I could write em and so dear reader that is why, my guilty pleasure is when (if I am organised enough) before I go shopping I write a list…
A shopping list if you will….
But this list will invariably be written like this…
(, Thu 13 Mar 2008, 14:34, 5 replies)
I used to do the same thing as a nipper, bit rusty now can only make out some of your list
(, Thu 13 Mar 2008, 14:39, closed)
I can read
Butter (go soft)
Olio spread oil

and so on.

(, Thu 13 Mar 2008, 15:05, closed)
I think
Runic Scripts are known as a futhark, i was well into my viking scripts after watching "the curse of fenrick" Dr Who episode.

Have a click
(, Thu 13 Mar 2008, 15:05, closed)
Arse.. delayed geekiness
I can *almost* read that, as a by product of playing Ultima (based on Germanic runes).

Still, at least I wasn't geeky enough to learn Ophidian.
(, Thu 13 Mar 2008, 15:22, closed)
Is where I learnt to read runes.
(, Thu 13 Mar 2008, 20:38, closed)

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