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This is a question Guilty Pleasures, part 2

It's been a while since we last asked this question and CaptainFellatioNelson's confession that he likes "to fart under the duvet, creep in and see how long I can last only on the fart air contained within" reminded us just how good it was last time.

What are the little things you do for fun when nobody else is around?

(, Thu 13 Mar 2008, 11:48)
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Joey Deacon
Sometimes whilst driving through my local Asboville (car double locked, windows firmly shut) I usually see a group of urban monkeys swinging from the nearest bus shelter. I like to slow down to a crawl as if I'm about to ask for help then proceed to make the best Joey Deacon face I can muster up before flooring the f***er out of there.
(, Mon 17 Mar 2008, 21:39, 3 replies)
And do you still have a full complement of hubcaps?

(, Mon 17 Mar 2008, 22:50, closed)
ha ha...
...the engine is still running, I barely drop below 10mph and I always make sure there is a nice straight road ahead with no traffic lights :)
(, Mon 17 Mar 2008, 23:07, closed)
it's all fun and games
until you stall the car, isn't it?
(, Mon 17 Mar 2008, 23:53, closed)

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