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This is a question My most gullible moment

Someone once told me that gullible wasn't in the dictionary and I went, "yeah yeah ha ha" but when they were gone that didn't stop me checking. What was YOUR most gullible moment? Zero points for buying an icon on b3ta.

(, Thu 21 Aug 2008, 18:33)
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I briefly felt a pang of guilt
There was a young girl where I used to work who spent the day obviously upset about something, you know little tears and sniffles every now and then, kept running to the loo for ages. I asked what was up and she told me the courts had ordered that her pet dog had to be destroyed because it would not stop barking and the neighbours had complained. Apparently they had tried everything, muzzles, drugs, allsorts but the dog would not stop. Without taking a moment to think about it I told her to cheer up because I knew how to stop the dog barking, and explained that all she needed was a tub of margarine. She looked at me with hope in her eyes as I explained that if she examined her dogs sphincter when it was barking she would notice that it clenches with every bark. All she needed to do was smear the dogs ass with the marge and it would not be able to "get a grip" therefore would not be able to bark. I added weight to the theory by adding that it had to be margarine as the dog was likely to lick it's ass, so whatever she used had to be edible. She immediately left work, bought a tub of flora and scuttled off home. Next day, even more upset I asked again what was wrong and she told me that the margarine thing hadn't worked despite the fact that she had "even put some inside".
(, Thu 21 Aug 2008, 19:20, 7 replies)
CLICK! That's genius :D
(, Thu 21 Aug 2008, 19:29, closed)
that ones a
(, Thu 21 Aug 2008, 22:42, closed)
oh fuck, that's gold.
(, Fri 22 Aug 2008, 0:21, closed)

I only wish i could be so amusingly sadistic.
(, Fri 22 Aug 2008, 9:01, closed)
You forgot to tell her that it needed to contain Omega 3 :D
(, Fri 22 Aug 2008, 9:58, closed)
That is fuckin disgusting

Have a click!
(, Fri 22 Aug 2008, 16:16, closed)
most excellent!
(, Wed 27 Aug 2008, 16:44, closed)

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