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This is a question Heckles II

It was my privilege the other month to see a particularly foul and abusive heckler literally chased out of a comedy club by enraged punters. So: Comedy nights, staff meetings, football matches. Tell us of epic or rubbish heckles.

(, Thu 12 Jun 2014, 14:36)
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For reasons unknown, a mate* ended up with two pairs of tickets to see Eddie Izzard.
He took his girl on the first night, during which Izzard was heckled, and put the heckler down very impressively - quick, funny, effective - nice. Just what he'd come for.

He ended up taking a mate with the other pair of tickets to the next night, where the same heckle came at the same time, eliciting the same put-down.

*Actually a mate, but he's known for his grumpiness, so this could be entirely untrue.
(, Thu 12 Jun 2014, 15:18, 8 replies)
Perhaps it was an obvious place to heckle and my friend Eddie who I met when he was
street performer likes the heckler to invigorate the act. SHUTITSHUTITSHUTITSHUTIT
(, Thu 12 Jun 2014, 15:20, closed)
Of course, they use the same "clever" lines.
We do the same in "customer service" and the like. Has anybody here used a truly original line to anyone recently?
(, Thu 12 Jun 2014, 18:58, closed)

(, Thu 12 Jun 2014, 20:41, closed)
And by the sounds of it, the same "clever" hecklers.

(, Fri 13 Jun 2014, 6:59, closed)
Yes, shame on me.
For some reason (probably drink) I missed the specifics of the post.
(, Fri 13 Jun 2014, 18:03, closed)
Izzard is a cunt
The sleazy, smiling face of the PR department of a war criminal.
(, Fri 13 Jun 2014, 9:32, closed)

(, Fri 13 Jun 2014, 10:03, closed)
I can't be bothered googling.
Who's he doing adverts for?
(, Fri 13 Jun 2014, 18:04, closed)

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