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This is a question IT Support

Our IT support guy has been in the job since 1979, and never misses an opportunity to pick up a mouse and say "Hello computer" into it, Star Trek-style. Tell us your tales from the IT support cupboard, either from within or without.

(, Thu 24 Sep 2009, 12:45)
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By a strange coincidence, I just happened to
stumble upon this: http://funnies.paco.to/content/view/92/

So I thought I'd bring it to your attention. :)
(, Sat 26 Sep 2009, 13:33, 3 replies)
Can't Be Arsed To Check
But that has my *cough* BULLSHIT *cough* reflex going off.

Not having a pop at you - just the story.

(, Sat 26 Sep 2009, 13:43, closed)
Yeah, can't be true
Although this did happen:

(, Sat 26 Sep 2009, 14:08, closed)
it's almost true...

Bullet-proof security

I worked at SuperMac at the time this situation occured. This story is mostly true, but whoever wrote it added some embellishments to the story. We never caught the call on tape, we didn't really know that the combination to the lock was for the armoury, there was no gunfire in the background, we didn't verify the location of the phone call thru the phone company. Basically they called us several days in a row asking for a back door into the Sentinel program and each time they were told the truth that there is no back door into the program. When we asked them where the person was who knew the password, we were told that they were "unavailable". Over a period of several days they talked to several people in the department - but I never spoke to them directly. At this time I don't remember who actually spoke to them, but there were several engineers.

David Simpson
UMAX Computer Corporation Product Support
(, Sun 27 Sep 2009, 21:33, closed)

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