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This is a question Housemates

Catch21 says "I go out of my way to make life hell for my shitty middle-class housemates who go running to the landlord every time I break wind". Weird housemates are the gift that keep on giving - tell us about yours.

(, Thu 26 Feb 2009, 13:28)
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Peter Peter mushroom eater
Set the scene shared house near birmingham university new girlfriend mad land lady, and Pete, bit of a rugger bugger nice enough chap, in that over familiar firm handshake posh school sort of way.

one time i left a bit of homegrown on the table in the lounge, pete helped himself to the lot while we were out, i was a bit annoyed but let it go.

this is around the time acid house and dance culture in general took off, tremendously exiting time, house parties warehouse parties clubs, gigs, all manner of new stuff to try and fun to be had.

the evenings entertainment usually started abut 9ish, getting lashed on sainsburys vodka and a bit of substance abuse before going out.

One night had a bunch of folks up from london all of them pretty hardcore clubbers so we decided to show them a good time, i had a humongous stash of "ahem" wild mushrooms, freshly picked, and the time was right so we cooked em up and went out raving, leaving about three hundred or so on the lounge table to dry out.

One seriously good night out later we returned, only to find nobody had any keys to get in, there is a light on in the lounge i peers through a gap in the curtains and saw Pete sitting on the sofa with the maddest looking eyes i have ever seen , i hammer on the window "let us in pete we have no keys" i say, pete leaps from the sofa runs around the room a bit and legs it upstairs.

so tripping my nuts off and giggling like a loon i have to climb up a drainpipe and squeeze myself through a tiny bathroom window, to let everybody in.

the silly bastard never had any before, only gone and necked the lot.

i did wonder if i should mention the screaming horde of black bats gathering above the house but then i thought nah, fuck him he'l find out about them soon enough.

length... about 16 hours

he left soon after that and i moved in.
(, Tue 3 Mar 2009, 3:31, 3 replies)
For "He'll find out about them soon enough"
(, Tue 3 Mar 2009, 10:54, closed)
They are about the only thing I haven't tried yet.

I'm wondering about the bats,

Does this mean you get some pets too.

Are they house trained?

Do you think I could have some cute kittens instaed?
(, Tue 3 Mar 2009, 12:17, closed)
That'll learn him.
Extra click for the Fear & Loathing reference.
(, Tue 3 Mar 2009, 13:15, closed)

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