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This is a question House Parties

‘If rocking the house is a crime…then let me be guilty’. Not my words, Carol, the words of proto ravecore pioneers Genaside II. We all love a party – or do we?

There always used to be a girl crying on the stairs, who’d drunk too much vodka. Or someone would crap in the bath. What’s the most revolting/hilarious thing you’ve seen at a party? The worst house-trashing you’ve seen?

- This Weeks question from Richard Mcbeef IB

(, Fri 9 Oct 2015, 8:36)
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Most revolting thing was probably when someone threw up in out downstairs bathroom.
We have the type of radiators with the vents in the top. They didn't make it to the toilet and threw up down the wall and in to the radiator. He then cleaned up as best he could, sprayed a bunch of air freshener around and said nothing. The next morning the central heating came on and filled the house with the smell of hot vomit.
(, Mon 12 Oct 2015, 8:24, closed)
Woah, sick burn.....

(, Mon 12 Oct 2015, 12:06, closed)
One of my mates spewed in the host's parents wicker clothes basket.
(, Tue 13 Oct 2015, 9:20, closed)
Why do you have a fridge in your bathroom?
I'm on the toilet, right, and then Jimmy comes in, and he's drinking milk from the fridge, and that's all wrong - it's unhygienic. And what were you thinking when you said to yourselves, "Oh yeah, I'll get a wicker toilet"?
(, Tue 13 Oct 2015, 14:20, closed)
Am I right?
(, Wed 14 Oct 2015, 20:43, closed)

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