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This is a question Image Challenge suggestions

We think a good challenge idea is like the opening line of a joke, say "If ads told the truth... Guinness would say 'It makes you fat, and your shit turn black.'"

Maybe you have other ideas.

We're going to leave this thread open, so feel free to add ideas at any time. BTW: Please use the "i like this" button. Your voting really helps the good ideas bubble-up, and the very best will be used in the Image Challenge itself.

(, Thu 21 Oct 2004, 13:55)
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not a challenge suggestion but
the new format for the image challenge link at the top now defaults to popular (used to the latest) and I think it might entrench the already popular/earliest entries... and certainly gives less exposure to new entries....

i'll go away now
(, Sat 14 Apr 2018, 22:44, Reply)

(, Tue 22 May 2018, 9:48, Reply)

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