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This is a question Image Challenge suggestions

We think a good challenge idea is like the opening line of a joke, say "If ads told the truth... Guinness would say 'It makes you fat, and your shit turn black.'"

Maybe you have other ideas.

We're going to leave this thread open, so feel free to add ideas at any time. BTW: Please use the "i like this" button. Your voting really helps the good ideas bubble-up, and the very best will be used in the Image Challenge itself.

(, Thu 21 Oct 2004, 13:55)
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Stuck in the 70s
Imagine life if it was always the 1970s
(, Thu 31 May 2018, 14:29, Reply)
Literal Faceswaps
The real Elvis on an Elvis Costello LP etc
(, Fri 18 May 2018, 10:27, Reply)
Literal movie posters or something
(, Thu 17 May 2018, 21:22, Reply)
two words...
Crudely Drawn Cockkkkkss.... and then do like a 404 page but with the cdc's to rick roll people into opening to boost b3ta's numbers.. who doesn't like cdc?
(, Wed 16 May 2018, 14:44, Reply)
It's behind you!
Choose a picture and tell us what's going on in the rear that you can't see from the front.
(, Sat 5 May 2018, 23:00, Reply)

(, Tue 24 Apr 2018, 14:58, Reply)
not a challenge suggestion but
the new format for the image challenge link at the top now defaults to popular (used to the latest) and I think it might entrench the already popular/earliest entries... and certainly gives less exposure to new entries....

i'll go away now
(, Sat 14 Apr 2018, 22:44, 1 reply, 10 months ago)
When games designers go insane
Some games are pretty near the edge but what would they produce if they lost their marbles completely?
(, Wed 11 Apr 2018, 23:57, Reply)
Political Sitcoms
People were annoyed on twitter (makes a change) about an article "Roseanne's huge ratings show how badly British TV needs a Tory sitcom". What would such a thing look like?
(, Tue 10 Apr 2018, 15:52, Reply)

(, Wed 28 Mar 2018, 20:53, Reply)
Superhero films are getting a bit predictable
How can Hollywood stop the slide into Daredevil, er, I mean total rubbish?
(, Fri 23 Mar 2018, 0:20, 1 reply, 1 year ago)
Historical versions of films
(, Mon 19 Mar 2018, 12:20, Reply)
Newsnight Graphics Team Auditions
Send your finest work for consideration for the role of head of BBC Newsnight graphics.
(, Sun 18 Mar 2018, 12:14, Reply)
Bond films by different people
Danny Boyle is - allegedly - working on the script for the next Bond film. Imagine if different people wrote / produced Bond films then boot up Photoshop and make it so.

(, Sat 17 Mar 2018, 13:32, Reply)
Fish with eyebrows

(, Thu 15 Mar 2018, 18:34, Reply)
God at work
(, Wed 14 Mar 2018, 23:04, Reply)
Re-purpose a movie poster for a different movie
Saw someone say that the Ready Player One posters look like a b3ta challenge. They do, but I don't think we have ever done that challenge.
(, Thu 8 Mar 2018, 0:19, Reply)
"Didn't really think it through"
Failing to plug in USBs (hint: logo on plug needs to be face up), three centimetre cycle lanes, ATMs so low that a midget has to stoop. What new bad designs can we come up with?
(, Tue 6 Mar 2018, 19:03, 1 reply, 1 year ago)
Maplin and Toys R Us have just gone under.
Show us why.
(, Fri 2 Mar 2018, 18:44, Reply)
Design a Better 10p
The Royal Mint have just unveiled their new designs for the back of the 10p and reduced the country to a list of mainly anglicised stereotypes. Put some better things on the back of the coin instead.

Their designs here...
(, Thu 1 Mar 2018, 11:17, Reply)
The Horror Web
In MySpace no one can hear you scream.
(, Wed 28 Feb 2018, 21:55, Reply)
Bill Murray

(, Tue 27 Feb 2018, 13:40, Reply)
Donald Trump computer games
he thinks they are why people shoot each other, so lets dedicate a week of Mario, Sonic and Pacman to him
(, Fri 23 Feb 2018, 15:08, 2 replies, latest was 1 year ago)
Kevin the Carrot

Having been banned for promoting drinking, Kevin is looking for new ways of pissing off the goody goodies. Boot up photoshop and show what he can do....
(, Thu 22 Feb 2018, 17:00, Reply)
New game shows

(, Sun 18 Feb 2018, 21:33, Reply)
What if sci-fi was like real life
Stormtroopers trying to keep their armour white or the TARDIS stuck at Kwik Fit.
(, Sun 18 Feb 2018, 20:28, Reply)
The next leader of UKIP

(, Sun 18 Feb 2018, 19:10, Reply)
Make it hirsute
give it a tache, or a beard or a new 'do'
(, Sat 17 Feb 2018, 10:58, Reply)
New fast foods

(, Wed 14 Feb 2018, 20:39, 1 reply, 1 year ago)
Bees are fucking awesome.
Give them jobs that don't involve pollen or honey.
(, Sun 11 Feb 2018, 19:04, Reply)

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