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This is a question Impulse buys

I'm now the owner of a monster trampoline that's nearly too big for the garden. Tell us your retail disasters and triumphs.

(, Thu 21 May 2009, 11:52)
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Blue Diamond
Drunk (obviously) the other day, I paid £150 for a box of Viagra off teh internet. I have no problem getting wood, and don't have a girlfriend. Still, when I get around to popping one of those puppies, I am going to have the Best Wank Ever.
(, Mon 25 May 2009, 23:38, 6 replies)
Enjoy your bogus ch3ap£r \/[email protected]@gr4 containing nothing harder than sugar.

(, Tue 26 May 2009, 1:01, closed)
But if it is real
You’ll be pleasantly surprised – not having taken it myself but having heard a fairly graphic description from a gay ex-boss, you’ll be pounding your pud all bloody evening. Not 4 hours of frantic choking trying desperately to come, but 4 hours of coming. And coming. And coming again. And again.

And half of all users are recreational anyway, they’re all filthy perverts like you! Why on earth you’d pay £150 when it would take 5 minutes at your G.P…
(, Tue 26 May 2009, 13:09, closed)
As I said...
...I was drunk. Fake - possibly, overpriced - absolutely, filthy pervert - 100% certainly.
(, Tue 26 May 2009, 19:45, closed)
What the fuck, is that stuff really 150 pounds online, even at a dodgy markup?
Fuck, what an expensive boner.
(, Wed 27 May 2009, 12:43, closed)
Wait a second
I just realised, why the fuck would it be the best wank ever. Why the fuck would it be different from any other wank? Are you usually not erect?
(, Wed 27 May 2009, 14:40, closed)
The question is
Is he erect for four hours straight.
(, Wed 27 May 2009, 15:46, closed)

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