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This is a question Impulse buys

I'm now the owner of a monster trampoline that's nearly too big for the garden. Tell us your retail disasters and triumphs.

(, Thu 21 May 2009, 11:52)
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Spluffed bonus
I dropped my Kymco CK 125 which gave me an excellent opportunity to justify this:


Bank Holiday test ride and new camera clamp road test :D

(, Tue 26 May 2009, 20:33, 8 replies)
I liked how you redubbed the sound with a bee farting.

(, Tue 26 May 2009, 20:36, closed)
yes yes, it's a 125 and I don't have the cash or the inclination to buy a custom can. But she's shiny and alllll mine. I went to the dealer to get a quote for Kymco repair and walked out with a receipt for this. I am weak.

(, Tue 26 May 2009, 20:40, closed)
MY GOD ... the sheer power of the thing ...
Thats amazing .. how do you manage to hang on to that at full throttle?

There's definitely a bit in the video where that car in front is getting closer. Definitely.

I used to have a GSXR 1100, but that thing of yours is a BEAST!!
(, Tue 26 May 2009, 21:57, closed)
Bathtub YouTube account is called flipper... flipper comments here... hmmmmm
(, Wed 27 May 2009, 12:11, closed)
no underhanded cetecean related shenannigans here guv
(, Wed 27 May 2009, 15:58, closed)
That's a nice looking bike. Enjoy it.
(, Wed 27 May 2009, 0:27, closed)
It may not be a powerhouse
But I bet you're going to enjoy every minute of it.

You don't need to be accelerating around like a madman to enjoy the open road...
(, Wed 27 May 2009, 10:18, closed)
the voice of reason
Indeedy - I am happy with my length and girth and therefore do not need to do 0-60 in 3 seconds in a 30mph zone.

Only been riding for a few months after 20 years on 4 wheels - fun to learn and I love it for commuting which is all I want or need. Cheap as chips to run as well :D

*putters off at 27mph*
(, Wed 27 May 2009, 15:56, closed)

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