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This is a question I'm Sorry I've Written A Joke

Challenge: write a joke. As simple joke with a setup and a punchline.


* Don't steal jokes - write them
* Don't flood post
* Just don't be a dick ok?

So join in and write a bad joke and apologise for it.

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(, Wed 8 Aug 2018, 9:00)
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Got this one into the popbitch newletter this week, which unlike this place actually has standards, dammit. What's Bill Gates going to do for a place to stay now that he's split from the missus?
(, Thu 13 May 2021, 23:40, 11 replies, latest was 5 weeks ago)

(, Fri 14 May 2021, 8:27, Reply)
In stall
with the donkeys
(, Wed 19 May 2021, 13:15, Reply)
He's hungry, and will accept cookies

(, Wed 19 May 2021, 13:15, Reply)
One of the donkeys died, and has been separated from the others by a blue screen

(, Wed 19 May 2021, 13:18, Reply)
Bill Gates told me last week that he was going to enter a competition to win a stag
"But," he said, "knowing my luck, I'll only win does."
(, Thu 20 May 2021, 8:23, Reply)
Bill Gates was despondent.
His friend Michael Rowe popped round to cheer him up with a bag of American crisps. But when Michael opened the bag, it burst, and the crisps scattered all over the stall. Bill knew they would be bad for the donkeys if they ate them, so he immediately set to work sucking them up with his Excel-Electric New Series vacuum cleaner.

tl;dr: Bill Gates put Mike Rowe chips in his Vax-EENS.
(, Thu 20 May 2021, 9:09, Reply)
Jesus, it's as if qotw never died

(, Thu 20 May 2021, 15:37, Reply)
My work here is done.

(, Thu 20 May 2021, 16:03, Reply)
Search in the home directory

(, Fri 14 May 2021, 11:54, Reply)
actually, these are all quite good, too

(, Fri 14 May 2021, 14:00, Reply)
It's the benefit of everyone brainstorming joke ideas before rob bans all of us.

(, Fri 14 May 2021, 18:20, Reply)

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