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This is a question Meeting people from the internet

Monty Boyce asks: Have you ever had a real-life meet with somebody you first knew from the internet? How did it go? How long until the Asbo expires?

(, Thu 20 Oct 2011, 12:43)
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First time on the internet- aged 12
I joined a forum on a kid's website and started chatting to someone who I thought was a guy.

After a few weeks they asked me if I thought it was weird that they liked girls- I said of course not. We kept chatting.

A few weeks later they thanked me for giving them the courage to tell their parents they were gay. They sent me a charm bracelet in the mail, which I still wear, and 10 years later I still hear from them.

I would have said I was fine with it either way, if I'd known they were a girl at the start... but it just stuns me that, because the internet is so anonymous, something that could so easily have been an oversight helped someone make such a momentous choice.
(, Thu 20 Oct 2011, 16:03, 6 replies)

(, Thu 20 Oct 2011, 16:04, closed)
I hope your internet trolling tourettes
makes up for the gaping inadequacies experienced in your real life. I really do.
(, Thu 20 Oct 2011, 16:07, closed)

I bet you don't really. I know I don't. I hope he gets the cancer.
(, Thu 20 Oct 2011, 16:37, closed)
Lovely story.
(, Thu 20 Oct 2011, 16:41, closed)
I reckon he was a bald fat guy
trying to lure you.

hook line ...sinker.
(, Thu 20 Oct 2011, 16:46, closed)
But surely
that's going to be the joke to make at 99% of the stories this week?
(, Thu 20 Oct 2011, 18:30, closed)

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