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This is a question Meeting people from the internet

Monty Boyce asks: Have you ever had a real-life meet with somebody you first knew from the internet? How did it go? How long until the Asbo expires?

(, Thu 20 Oct 2011, 12:43)
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I met a lovely lady from the internet once. We went back to myspace and she had me googling all night at her funny jokes. I gave her a quick server using a winsock of course and managed to get away without getting a virus. We updated at her adobe the next weekend.

Unfortunately she had a bebo that cried all the time. Torrents of tears in fact but we shared Wine and I crashed at hers, after an embarrassing download in her powder room I might add. The next morning she sure looked a lot more pixelated up close, so much so that I threw up on my hairy self, full sickbeard.

I decided to collect my belonging and grab all my documents and go but thought it might not be very PC to rush off, and anyway it was raining and I didn’t have my mac. So quick as a flash I grabbed my floppy and tweaked it. My harddrive sprang into life and after a bit of ram from me and some handheld from her I came over her facebook before she could byte me.

That was the start of a beautiful relationship with an understanding that allowed hot swapping and portal abuse. Unfortunately last year she 404’d. Never mind, I’m untethered now.
(, Fri 21 Oct 2011, 8:29, 4 replies)
looks like user error with your 3½" floppy.
but it was pretty vanilla.
throw yourself out a window.
(, Fri 21 Oct 2011, 8:45, closed)
Very good

(, Fri 21 Oct 2011, 8:47, closed)
Nothing like a nice geekgasm to start the day.
(, Fri 21 Oct 2011, 8:59, closed)
Same happened to me in

I had a large Wang then.
(, Fri 21 Oct 2011, 11:23, closed)

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