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This is a question Inventions You're Too Lazy To Make

I was making myself a coffee and didn't have a spoon. I poured the coffee directly from the jar into the cup. I thought, "wouldn't it be great if there was a nozzle on the top that could dispense just one measure of coffee? Woo. That would solve the problem of others making your coffee too weak too. Just say, 'two shakes for me. I like it strong.'" So the question is... what inventions have you thought up in idle moments that might just change the world?

(, Wed 7 Apr 2004, 23:45)
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and finally...... (not that I'm bored this bank holiday oh no!)
an automatic card dispenser, bit like a cashpoint, where when its xmas/valentines days/birthday/mothers day etc and you've forgotten to get a card you go the automatic dispenser, put in your card, give it your pin number and then choose which card you want....all without having to spend thirty minutes in Clintons listening to the muzac spice girls trying to find a card that says Happy Divorse without little scrote opening all the music cards and dumb shop assistants ignoring you and talking to their mate tracey....or is that just me?
(, Fri 9 Apr 2004, 15:36, Reply)
A hat phone...
You wear a hat, you carry a mobile....hey presto a hat phone!! has your numbers stored in the memory, is voice activated and you just say call Mum or whoever and you can talk to your family,and if they accuse you of talking though your hat you say Yes its my phone hat!
(, Fri 9 Apr 2004, 15:34, Reply)
How about a B3TA t-shirt that's black? C'mon, there's a helluva lot of morose gimps out there who don't even know what Petrol Blue is.

Or is that just me.

How about a neck brace for tourists, so they HAVE to walk in the same direction they're looking in.

Sorry, all got a bit London again there...
(, Fri 9 Apr 2004, 15:33, Reply)
My invention intention......
we all know that the earth slowly rotates around the sun, well what if you could come up with a car that rotated at x times the rate of the earth rotating and went in the same direction, then you could just point it and take the brake off and hey presto, you'd be moving in line with the earth, so where you were going would come to you instead of you going there. Think of the time it would save and all the petrol. Not sure about going home tho, would require some rewrite of the laws of physics, or a reverse button.
(, Fri 9 Apr 2004, 15:32, Reply)
automatic newbie basher for the trolls (where did Baz go?)....

and an automatic troll basher for the fluffy people...

then an automatic fluff basher for the trolls again (where did Baz go?)
(, Fri 9 Apr 2004, 15:21, Reply)

For the kids!
(, Fri 9 Apr 2004, 14:55, Reply)
i really want
someone other than me to invent an alarm clock that cures my hangover in the morning.
dude, that would be sweet.
(, Fri 9 Apr 2004, 14:30, Reply)
\/look down\/
shit wouldn't an eraser to rub out normal things be great*

or a box that makes things dissapear=

now this one i really made almost- the vibrax(tm)an axe that vibrates for maximum hand exercise (four vibrators strapped to an axe(didn't work))

*unless the iraqis get ahold of it
= *
(, Fri 9 Apr 2004, 14:28, Reply)

This question is now closed.

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