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This is a question Irrational Hatred

People who say "less" when they mean "fewer" ought to be turned into soup, the soup fed to baboons and the baboons fired into an active volcano. What has you grinding your teeth with rage, and why?

Suggested by Smash Monkey

(, Thu 31 Mar 2011, 14:36)
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Me Vs. Them
A bit of explanation is required first.

I ride a bicycle. A lot. It is one of my genuinely favourite things to do – I don’t drive, so it gives me some freedom to get around and it also keeps me relatively in shape. I enjoy very few things more than going out by myself for a good couple of hours and cover myself in mud and sweat. Yes – on occasion I wear lycra trousers. In the winter, these are pretty much a necessity. I also wear gloves, cycling shorts (with under-shorts) when the weather permits, specific shoes and the rest of the general getup. I abide by the rules of the road and am very aware of my surroundings – if I get hit by a car it doesn’t really matter who’s fault it was, it’s still going to be my problem. Likewise, I look out for pedestrians when I’m on a cycle path as I know who any onlookers are going to side with if there’s a problem.

I also use an iPad. It’s not that I’m the bastard love-child of Steve Jobs and a MacBookPro – I have a few other Apple appliances because they’re easy to use, functionally and aesthetically tasteful(ish). I use an iPad because it does what I need – I’m often on the move and it gives me easy access to my e-mails, books, films and music whilst also being able to keep me entertained and informed through the ease of 3G. I know that I could use a smart-phone for this, but they just don’t suit me personally.

Finally, I like vodka. Neat. Maybe with a couple of lumps of ice, but it has to be good. Yes – I will turn my nose up if I ask for a neat vodka and somebody offers me that distilled formaldehyde that passes for Smirnoff. Yes, I will be a snob and ask for brands that few people have heard of, and yes – I will happily pay what many people think is an extortionate amount for a large measure of transparent liquid that they think tastes like burning. The simple reason is that I enjoy a good vodka – nothing more, nothing less.

So here’s the irrational hatred – I hate the fact that other people look at me and judge me for what I’m doing/using/drinking. They make an assumption on what I happen to have with me rather than actually knowing me. I hate the fact that people think I’m a self-serving, smug, egotistical prick for using things that I actually like. They’re not a fucking lifestyle choice and they don’t tell somebody who I am, so why the fuck should they make a judgement about me?

It’s THEIR irrational hatred, and I fucking hate them for it.
(, Mon 4 Apr 2011, 17:09, 23 replies)
You ipad queer fucking vodka cunt.

(, Mon 4 Apr 2011, 17:15, closed)
^ This

(, Mon 4 Apr 2011, 17:16, closed)
Yes. Yes it IS a lifestyle choice.
And yes, it does tell everyone an awful lot about who you are.

Next up, playing cheesy music to "be ironic".
(, Mon 4 Apr 2011, 17:16, closed)
Oh, I was beaten to it.
But yes, this ^
(, Mon 4 Apr 2011, 17:25, closed)
Cheesy music
Fuck that. Anyone who does that DESERVES to be adjudged as a complete cunt.
(, Tue 5 Apr 2011, 14:07, closed)
It absolutely IS a lifestyle choice.
It's your lifestyle choice and you are entitled to make it, but it most definitely is a lifestyle choice.
(, Mon 4 Apr 2011, 17:24, closed)
and good luck on finding that society where no-one judges anyone else on the basis of their looks or their lifestyle

(, Mon 4 Apr 2011, 17:26, closed)
Well, yeah, that too.

(, Mon 4 Apr 2011, 17:26, closed)
So how do you propose we judge people?

(, Mon 4 Apr 2011, 17:37, closed)
Four legs good. Two legs bad.

(, Mon 4 Apr 2011, 18:21, closed)
I knew you had redeeming features.
(, Mon 4 Apr 2011, 19:23, closed)
Cycle back to your balcony..
... and finish that fucking bagel.
(, Mon 4 Apr 2011, 17:41, closed)
So you'd prefer us to get to know you first
And then think you're a self-serving, smug, egotistical prick for using things that you actually like.
(, Mon 4 Apr 2011, 18:01, closed)
But formaldehyde is harsh-smelling brown sludge, not like any kind of vodka at all.
Very hard to distil too, it oligomerises like nobody's business.
(, Mon 4 Apr 2011, 20:26, closed)
you insufferable leaking cock of a beaker

(, Mon 4 Apr 2011, 23:13, closed)
Yes - I was expecting the abuse, no surprises there.

OK - maybe they are lifestyle choices but, in themselves they tell you very little about anyone. How can you seriously think that you can judge somebody's personality and nature by their belongings.

I'm not saying that we shouldn't judge people, but how about waiting until we actually know something relevant about them before judging them.

Anyhoo, I didn't come on here expecting rational/reasonable debate - this is, after all, the internet. I don't think that I need to justify myself - I simply commented on irrational hatreds, as was the topic.

If any of you want to actually judge me, meet me for a pint or four first...
(, Tue 5 Apr 2011, 10:33, closed)
a pint or four
(, Tue 5 Apr 2011, 22:29, closed)
and 'Anyhoo'

(, Wed 6 Apr 2011, 8:49, closed)
How about you try shutting up and growing up for once.

(, Tue 5 Apr 2011, 23:50, closed)
Quite right, young man. Quite right.
We shouldn't judge you on your choice of being an ipad queer vodka cunt. We should judge you on the fact that you're massively oversensitive and use drearily lolwhackyisms like "a pint or four".
(, Wed 6 Apr 2011, 14:31, closed)
How can you seriously think that you can judge somebody's personality and nature by their belongings!

(, Thu 7 Apr 2011, 2:30, closed)

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