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This is a question Job Interview Disasters

The boss showed me the shop floor, complete with loose floor tiles, out-of-date equipment and prospective colleagues eyeing me like a raw steak. "Christ, what a craphole", I said. I think that's the moment I blew it. Tell us how you didn't get the job.

Suggested by Field Marshall Dozington-Smythe (Ret.)

(, Thu 21 Nov 2013, 13:06)
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To Me, To You...
A while back I had an interview for a "manage our facebook and use photoshop because we're tech numpties" type job with a charity/business/ex-council department trying to get to grips with not having a tax funded budget.

The interview didn't really start well, one of two interviewers couldn't remember his job title no matter how hard he tried. It was soon clear that neither of them had much of a clue what they were doing and had probably never held an interview before that day.

I was the last of 5 or 6 interviewees that day but they were reading the interview questions off a sheet of paper as if they'd never seen it (or any writing) before. They got more and more flustered trying to keep track of whose turn it was to ask me the next question from the sheet and were passing it backwards and forwards Chuckle Brothers style, only Paul was a flat chested red head midget and Barry a "business" man of the croissant eating persuasion.

About half way through I made my mind up to get the interview over and done as quickly as possible. The second hand embarrassment was spreading like gonorrhea from a whorehouse and I didn't fancy working for a couple of nuggets who were supposedly running a business but couldn't get to grips with taking turns to ask questions.
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