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This is a question Kids

Either you love 'em or you hate 'em. Or in the case of Fred West - both. Tell us your ankle-biter stories.

(, Thu 17 Apr 2008, 15:10)
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Frazzle Frazzle Frazzle
When I was about 13, I used to spend every weekend with my best friend. Thing is, we lived quite far apart so one week he'd stay over at mine, the next I'd stay at his. One week his little cousin was staying over. He must have been about 8. These days, he'd probably be diagnosed with ADD but in those days he was a 'hyperactive little shit'.

After some hours, we got a bit impatient with the little bundle of despair so decided to annoy him as much as we could. It turned out this wasn't hard. We would simply whisper to each other in the childish manner of 'pppssswwwssswsss' that you do. He soon figured this out though, so we stepped up to Stage Two of our highly sophisticated plan: whisper 'Frazzle Frazzle Frazzle' (yes, we did eat many packs over the weekend).

Cue one child going absolutely mental at the merest mention of 'Frazzle'. What did it mean? Why did the bigger boys know about it and I didn't? etc etc

The highlight came when we (me, my frend, his mum, the cousin and the aunt) were all having a rather civilised lunch in the back garden when the aunt offered the child some crisps:

'Do you want some Frazzles?' she asked
'I HATE YOU!' came the reply as the kid hastily slid off his shoe, threw it square into her face, and ran away crying.

We managed to stifle our laughter while the kid was whisked away, leaving us to play Duke Nukem for the rest of the day.
(, Sun 20 Apr 2008, 3:01, 2 replies)
Very cruel, but that story made me laugh :) Gets a click from me!
(, Sun 20 Apr 2008, 3:54, closed)
Great story
AND a mention of Duke Nukem!

Have a click!
(, Mon 21 Apr 2008, 12:13, closed)

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