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This is a question Kids

Either you love 'em or you hate 'em. Or in the case of Fred West - both. Tell us your ankle-biter stories.

(, Thu 17 Apr 2008, 14:10)
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Is it wrong that I find this funny?
Possibly the funniest thing I ever heard about a kid comes from a colleague of mine.

Imagine the scene: breakfast, about 7am, mother and two-year-old son munching on their toast. All is quiet... no sound save the ticking of the clock. And then, apropos of absolutely nothing, junior speaks.

"Yes, darling?"

Class. :)
(, Mon 21 Apr 2008, 8:52, closed)
If this doesn't win
I'll eat your mum.

(, Mon 21 Apr 2008, 8:58, closed)
Simple, yet effective.
(, Mon 21 Apr 2008, 9:03, closed)
Is seconded.
(, Mon 21 Apr 2008, 9:29, closed)
Or Thirded
(, Mon 21 Apr 2008, 9:52, closed)
That kid is a true b3tan.
(, Mon 21 Apr 2008, 11:15, closed)
That's appalling.
If my son had said that, he'd have been in so much trouble.

Saying that though, I just pissed myself reading it :D
(, Mon 21 Apr 2008, 11:49, closed)

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