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This is a question Kids

Either you love 'em or you hate 'em. Or in the case of Fred West - both. Tell us your ankle-biter stories.

(, Thu 17 Apr 2008, 15:10)
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My 20-month old daughter is very cute.

She learns from our behaviour - and we of course encourage her all the time.

This means that now every morning when I put my first sock on I hear a little voice pipe up "Well done, Daddy", and then after the second goes on "Clever Daddy".

Oddly I do feel quite pleased with myself as a result.
(, Tue 22 Apr 2008, 23:54, closed)
has she taught you to tie your shoes yet?

(, Wed 23 Apr 2008, 2:07, closed)
There's nothing like
Being patronised by a half-pint.

"Silly Daddy"

*grinds teeth*

"You're driving too fast Daddy"

*sotto voce "compared to your mother I'm in reverse now cork it"*

"You're not supposed to eat all the crisps Daddy"

*clenches hands strangler-style*
(, Wed 23 Apr 2008, 10:26, closed)

When my 4 yr old son has done something wrong i tell him off,, so he marches off in a strop. Then about 2 mins later will march back up to me waggling his finger and say 'Your naughty!, you shouted at me and thats naughty!!'

bless, he was telling ME off for telling HIM off...

(apologies if this turns up twice, im having some editing problems)
(, Wed 23 Apr 2008, 11:53, closed)
All of the above
Yes, those too - not the shoes yet but it's just a matter of time! A regular dose of "Silly Daddy" does make me feel particularly dumb.

Weird, really, if someone thought I was a complete cock at work for example I wouldn't give a flying f**k!
(, Wed 23 Apr 2008, 23:07, closed)

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