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This is a question Lead Balloon

Have you tried to be funny and failed horribly? Yeah, join the club. Or have you witnessed someone crash and burn by either being plain unfunny or offensively unfunny? Tell us your stories of sense of humour failure

Thanks to the charmingly named Reginald Donkeyfuck (not related to the Cheshire branch of the Donkeyfuck family, one presumes)

(, Thu 22 Aug 2013, 12:40)
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My old boss was pretty laid back.
She was one of those who has a laugh and a joke and a round of FIFA 12 if the chance presents itself. She's even been known to rock out with her cockerel out on Guitar Hero.
Because she's so... well, normal... I once decided to tell her a joke.
"What did the Scottish epileptic get for Christmas?"
She didn't look up from her monitor. "My dad's epileptic."
Shit thinks I. I didn't see that coming
"Is he? I didn't know that."
"Yeah, it's quite serious. He's nearly died a couple of times. I found him once, he'd stopped breathing. Had to call an ambulance."
"Really? I'm sorry, that sounds horrible."
"Yeah, he's getting worse too. The meds don't seem to be as effective as they used to be."
I looked at the floor. I frowned. I looked up. I stopped frowning and raised my eyebrows. I frowned and looked at the floor again.
"My mum's dealing with it as best she can but she's convinced she'll come home one day and find him dead on the floor. We don't really talk about it."
I stopped looking at the floor and tried to arrange my face into an expression of absent-minded innocence.
"It was a Wii Fit, by the way."

(, Sat 24 Aug 2013, 12:46, 7 replies)
So, what did the Scottish epileptic get for Christmas?
*Edit* that'll teach me not to read the post properly.
(, Sat 24 Aug 2013, 13:00, closed)
Did he choke on a sock?

(, Sat 24 Aug 2013, 13:26, closed)
Your old boss was a fucking killjoy.

(, Sat 24 Aug 2013, 14:55, closed)
Yeah, right?
Last time I playfully mock her family members' conditions. Which is a shame, considering the state of some of them.
(, Sat 24 Aug 2013, 16:40, closed)
It's a pretty funny joke too, she should be ashamed of herself.

(, Sat 24 Aug 2013, 16:58, closed)
I don't get it.
Edit: penny dropped. Terrible excuse for a joke, though.
(, Mon 26 Aug 2013, 21:18, closed)

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