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This is a question Pathological Liars

Friz writes, "I recently busted my mate who claimed to have 'supported the Kaiser Chiefs in 2001' by gently mentioning that they weren't even called that back then."

Some people seem to lead complete fantasy lives with lies stacked on lies stacked on more lies. Tell us about the ones you've met.

BTW, if any of you want to admit to making up all your QOTW stories, now would be a good time to do it.

(, Thu 29 Nov 2007, 12:17)
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My ex-partner is a pathological liar,
she has been telling the same stories for some years now, frequently in family court affidavits, or just anyone who will listen. At first telling , one might almost believe what she is saying, however if you have heard them before, you notice that they have become more embellished/serious as time goes by. I find that the hardest thing to deal with is that she seems to honestly believe every word that falls out of her mouth as if it were gospel.

One of her more minor(less damaging) stories, was to inform all my neighbours (mind you, we were still together at this point), that I had raped her, and then whilst she was pregnant, dragged across the room by her hair and then thrown her down the stairs, because I had found she was pregnant with a girl. In the same story she also told them about our huge fairytale wedding, down to fine detail about the dress and ceremony. All of this was , of course completely false, as I realized shortly after she became pregnant that she was absolutely crackers, I had made a mental decision that I would not ever consider marrying this person, but I did remain (stupidly) in the relationship soley to try to keep my young daughter sane.

Anyway, if you ask her, I am a murderer, a rapist, a wife beater, a child molester, I kill most types of animal, as long as it is hers, I have stolen her daughter(at the hands of the Federal Magistrates Court), I phone her employers to have her sacked, I made her work 14 hour days for years( our contractor receipts show less than 20 full days, for the year), I have tried to blow up her car, and apparently I have shagged thousands of women whilst in a relationship with her( I wish), and forced her to engage in group sex activities.

There are others bit these are the ones that spring to mind, and I can actually prove these ones, as she has submitted them in affidavit to the magistrates court, so I have copies.

Fuck I hate her, now I know why my neighbours used to look at me weird.
Oh and I guess I learned a very hard lesson
1.Dont fuck psychopaths.
2.I you must fuck psychopaths, do not make them pregnant.

This is good and free advice to anyone who owns their own penis.
It may just save your life.
(, Fri 30 Nov 2007, 10:13, 3 replies)
Wow ....
.... that really is psychopathic but without the bonus of being funny - to you anyway ! I'll sypathise in the only way I know how *click*
(, Fri 30 Nov 2007, 10:41, closed)
Been there, although not nearly as bad. Fucking bitch.
(, Fri 30 Nov 2007, 12:54, closed)
I hope you and your daughter are far away from her now. Yeesh!
Seriously-don't let your daughter be around such a piss-poor role model.
(, Fri 30 Nov 2007, 13:28, closed)

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