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This is a question Lies I told on my CV

I've not had to lie on my CV (resumé for all you 'merkins) for a while, but way back when I was a teenager and C was a cool programming language, I listed it as one of my skills.

My new boss was remarkably nice about me spending my first week's employment reading a "how to program in C" book.

(, Thu 6 Jul 2006, 15:55)
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Not quite but almost
I was six and had heard the word 'prosititute' asked my mom, who was one of life's good guys, what it meant. Her explanation of it as being 'someone who loves people who have no one to love them' - made me think they were like nurses or something and this was therefore a calling or vocation.
Hence my resonse when we were asked in class group discussion what our parents did and what we wanted to do when we grew up....
Young Siouxfan, "My dad is an engineer, my mom is a teacher and I want to be a prostitute"

My poor mom had some majot explaining to do to my intenseley Catholic school head teacher...
(, Fri 7 Jul 2006, 11:22, Reply)

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