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This is a question Why I Love/Hate Britain

This week's been all about the Daily Mail and why people love or hate their country. Tell us one thing you hate about Britain, and one thing about why you love it.

This shouldn't be an excuse for RACISTLOLS, or long lists of things you dislike. Be intelligent, be funny, and be interesting

(, Thu 3 Oct 2013, 13:55)
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Love: The surprising space. Even where I live, in the most densely populated corner of this small, crowded country, it's easy to jump on a train or bus and find somewhere, quiet and green.
Fields that look the same as they did 200 years ago and woodlands that are mostly unchanged for the last 1000.

However, most of all, I would suggest a trip to the Scottish Highlands. It's a vast, mostly empty wilderness that has a beauty that rivals anywhere in the world. Globally speaking, it's on our doorstep, yet so few people make the effort. The kind of place where after a few days, you feel much more, well, 'balanced' is probably the word.
And as for the anti-English mentality that so many people down here believe is rife, total bollocks. I only met one prick up there and he was angry at the world, not an accent.

Oh, and the first time I walked into a pub to see an entire wall of whisky behind the bar... I nearly crashed me yoghurt truck!

Hate: The Tories. With a burning, unyielding, energy-giving fury. Fuck them. Don't get me wrong, most of the 'alternatives' can get fucked too, but they will always have a special ink-black place in my affections.
(, Tue 8 Oct 2013, 14:15, 32 replies)
The SNP are hilarious.
Replace "English" with "Muslims" and you've got the EDL.
(, Tue 8 Oct 2013, 14:22, closed)
Possibly so,
I really don't know enough about 'em to cast judgement either way. Obviously there are anti-English/British people in Scotland, probably a lot of 'em, but no country has a monopoly on fuckwits and, thankfully, in most places, the fuckwits don't have the monopoly.
(, Tue 8 Oct 2013, 14:27, closed)
There's still an annual commemoration of the battle of Culloden.
Keeping the hate alive.
(, Tue 8 Oct 2013, 14:57, closed)
Ah well,
They can all get to bollocks then. Still a great part of the world to get pissed.
(, Tue 8 Oct 2013, 15:10, closed)
This is scientific fact.
And you can't argue with science.
(, Tue 8 Oct 2013, 15:23, closed)
The science has spoken!
Science! \o/
(, Tue 8 Oct 2013, 15:26, closed)
that's utter shit
The SNP are a leftist and inclusive party. They don't want to restrict rights or repatriate anyone. They want political independence for Scotland. Nationalism doesn't necessarily equate to fascism.
(, Tue 8 Oct 2013, 18:14, closed)
Inclusive in that they want to be entirely separate, yes.
They're nationalist; they're socialist. They're national socialists. But not fascists, no. They just want Scotland for the Scottish. Well - not the fucking English, anyway.
(, Tue 8 Oct 2013, 22:53, closed)
You are talking out of your arse.
They aren't socialist either. You really have no idea here, do you?
(, Tue 8 Oct 2013, 23:13, closed)
All nationalists look the same - there is a group of not-them for whom all the country's ills are to to blame.
In Germany in the 1930s it was the Jews, in England in the 1970s it was the pakis and the blacks; now its the muslims, in Scotland its the bastard English. The key is the world 'nationalist'.
(, Wed 9 Oct 2013, 6:55, closed)
you still have utterly no idea
You're embarrassing yourself here, better stick to subjects you have a working knowledge of, such as dark graph novs.
(, Wed 9 Oct 2013, 8:10, closed)
In which case, I stand down, my argument in tatters.

(, Wed 9 Oct 2013, 8:30, closed)
you have no coherent argument
The SNP are not right wing at all. They seek political independence for Scotland. They are not proposing to kick anybody out of Scotland, to restrict employment rights or to give natives of the country more rights than immigrants to it. They are not intending to ethnically purge or racially purify the country, install a dictator or bring back capital punishment or national service.

There isn't a single measure by which you could gauge them or their policies as fascist or even right wing. You seem to have got mixed up between 'pro Scottish' and 'anti English'.

Which of their policies specifically discriminates against English people?
(, Wed 9 Oct 2013, 8:41, closed)
I didn't say they were right-wing.
But then again, the whole left- and right-wing thing is pretty meaningless because it's entirely subjective, but it's interesting to note that the NAZIs were socialist, which is generally seen as left-wing.

I just pointed out that all nationalists are the same - they want segregation based on some meaningless, imaginary border, so that they can have theirs and those people over there can't.More often than not, those people over there are complete bastards.
(, Wed 9 Oct 2013, 8:50, closed)
Wales can also be dreadfully picturesque,
and there's no shortage of anti-Tory sentiment, too.
(, Tue 8 Oct 2013, 15:20, closed)

ly picturesque

(, Tue 8 Oct 2013, 15:23, closed)
Double true.
(, Tue 8 Oct 2013, 15:24, closed)
it's true, there's a cons club near where i live and folk only join for the cheap booze
there's a picture of maggie on the wall and somebody's written "cunt" on her forehead
(, Tue 8 Oct 2013, 15:33, closed)
My other half wrote her university coursework on mining families, so it was quite the eye-opener for me when I was transcribing her interview tapes.
(, Tue 8 Oct 2013, 16:03, closed)
Maggie was responsible for many awful things
But she never peeled the skins from the wives and children of working class people just to make paper.
(, Wed 9 Oct 2013, 10:57, closed)
The Conservative Club in Adamsdown, Cardiff
Has "MAGGIE DEAD" and "FUCK THE TORIES" written on the side of it. Of course, it's really just the sort of club that they talk about on Jeremy Kyle when they discuss where Wayne fingered Sharleen in the bogs.
(, Tue 8 Oct 2013, 21:12, closed)
Vast, mostly empty wilderness is over-rated
Especially when you have a thirst on for a beer.
(, Tue 8 Oct 2013, 15:38, closed)
Good lord man! Always carry some with you.
It's your duty.
(, Tue 8 Oct 2013, 15:50, closed)
It looks pretty for a bit and then it sinks in that you are either hours from beer, food, sex....or rescue :-(
(, Tue 8 Oct 2013, 19:43, closed)
But also hours away from
Reality TV, advertising, boy racers, chain stores, WKD, tabloid newspapers, box sets, traffic lights, the internet, oyster cards, concrete and noise.

Worth the risk, I'd say :)
(, Tue 8 Oct 2013, 20:57, closed)
But just hours away from hypothermia, dehydration and death,
Or being animal food if we unwisely decide to walk.

It's widernesslols all the way
(, Wed 9 Oct 2013, 3:10, closed)
Vast, mostly empty wilderness is over-rated
In that vastly over-rated wilderness you are never far from a cold beer.
(, Wed 9 Oct 2013, 15:24, closed)
oh you've done it now, saying you hate the Tories
the central London lot will be furious. FURIOUS
(, Tue 8 Oct 2013, 23:18, closed)
Yeah, it's a vast, mostly empty wilderness BECAUSE OF ETHNIC CLEANSING.

(, Thu 10 Oct 2013, 10:33, closed)

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