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This is a question Made me laugh

Rob asks: Has anything happened recently that's made you laugh? Share your stories with us - we need the joy.

(, Thu 6 Dec 2012, 12:07)
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Hospital Dwarf Wheelchair
Many years ago, cow-orkers were discussing what made them laugh. It was painful drivel to listen to, "I like Jethro", "I like Jimmy Tarbuck", etc. Someone asked me what made me laugh and I said "People in wheelchairs and dwarves". Complete conversation killer.

My friends however thought my statement darkly hilarious. My flatmate especially found this amusing and this is where the story is going.

Maybe 2 years after this statement, I received a telephone call from my ex-flatmate and he was calling from hospital.

"Come and visit me" - so I toddles off down to Charing Cross Hospital.

4 person ward, friend fairly battered after falling off a roof. Anyho', on the ward a bed is curtained off. Friend points at curtain and says "Wait".

Anyway, I am now very bored of this narration but come this far.

Thus Spake Zarathusa begins to play in my head, the curtains open to reveal a wheelchair bound dwarf. Not just any dwarf, the truly comedic looking ones. Did I laugh, no I did not. I never spoke to my ex-flatmate ever again, so filled with disgust that he would think I thought it funny.

sanctimonious prick that I am.
(, Sat 8 Dec 2012, 12:16, 10 replies)
You weren't the only one bored in this narration.

(, Sat 8 Dec 2012, 12:19, closed)
people stating the perfectly bleeding obvious makes me laugh, cheers.

(, Sat 8 Dec 2012, 12:46, closed)
what is this I don't even

(, Sat 8 Dec 2012, 13:04, closed)
well that's a neato what dwarf now

(, Sat 8 Dec 2012, 13:08, closed)
well, at least your story, like the dwarf, was short
it was also fucking lame, too
(, Sat 8 Dec 2012, 14:46, closed)
Cow-orkers? What the shuddering fuck are they? Sound much funnier than wheelchair bound dwarves.
(, Sat 8 Dec 2012, 21:31, closed)
People who ork cows, of course.

(, Sat 8 Dec 2012, 22:25, closed)
Welcome to the internet.

(, Sat 8 Dec 2012, 22:53, closed)
top snark

(, Mon 10 Dec 2012, 9:40, closed)
^ Look at him, never orked a cow.
For shame.
(, Sat 8 Dec 2012, 23:44, closed)

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