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This is a question Doctors, Nurses, Dentists and Hospitals

Tingtwatter asks: Ever been on the receiving end of some quality health care? Tell us about it

(, Thu 11 Mar 2010, 11:49)
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*Slight* Pearost, but better
About 18 months ago, an underweight 21-year-old Peapod arrived in hospital with chest pains. I had no idea what was really wrong, I thought I might have been having a heart attack and was wondering if my liking for cheese had finally got the better of me and had blocked an artery. Either that or pregnant, I wasn't sure.
I was wheeled into the ward and a male nurse took some blood. A few hours later a face peered round the curtain.
"Have you been eating too many bananas? It could have been caused by too many bananas" This was the doctor's first diagnosis.
Well, I couldn't say that I had. One banana in three weeks, that's not too many is it?
She tried again "Well you might have a brain tumour"
Bananas to brain tumour in three seconds.
She then left, and I went to sleep thinking I had a sodding brain tumour.
Next day I get stared at like I'm in a zoo whilst I'm trying to wash my face (I'm sure outside they were saying "we've got one, shhh, it's in there!") and again they check that I haven't had too many bananas.
Finally I get seen by two endocrinology consultants and they don't mention bananas, it wasn't a tumour, it was my adrenals I have Addison's disease. TEXTBOOK case. They wanted to know how I'd kept going; Addison's is fatal if untreated.
"Your sodium levels are very low, have you been craving salty foods?"
By God yes, I'd been eating Doritos like there was no tomorrow. Apparently, eating so many crisps had saved my life, so the doctor said, keeping my blood pressure just high enough for me to function and get through my 3rd year of uni.
I got put on steroid replacement therapy and pinged back into life in no time. Just before being discharged I was again told to avoid eating too many bananas (dangerous thing, a banana) and wished well. Im doing just fine now. I love the NHS.
and so to recap, crisps = good, banana = bad
(, Mon 15 Mar 2010, 21:51, 7 replies)
All right!
I might put some crisps in my First Aid kit.
(, Tue 16 Mar 2010, 6:33, closed)

Were you a little bit tanned too? ;)
(, Tue 16 Mar 2010, 7:09, closed)
Yes I was, ten points Dr Dave
(, Tue 16 Mar 2010, 19:01, closed)
what about
banana flavoured crisps?
(, Tue 16 Mar 2010, 7:36, closed)
I think 'flavoured' would be ok (if banana flavoured crisps exist), it's the potassium content of a banana that's the problem.
(, Tue 16 Mar 2010, 19:02, closed)
have lots of potassium in. Lots of potassium also = bad. Doctors like to be sure of stuff. I was once asked if I thought I might be pregnant four times before I eventually snapped and told them I hadn't seen a willy in so long it probably made me a lesbian by default.
(, Tue 16 Mar 2010, 8:13, closed)
Radioactive babies
To be honest, surgeons just pregnancy test all ladies between 15 and 55 with abdominal pain. X-raying foetuses is generally considered a Bad Thing...
(, Wed 17 Mar 2010, 11:20, closed)

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