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This is a question Mix Tapes

Everyone's made a mix tape (or CD, USB stick, or whatever kids do these days). Mostly to get in someone else's pants, but we're sure there are other, lesser, reasons too.

So, who did you make it for and why?
And... what was on it?

(, Thu 7 Feb 2008, 13:41)
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Rocky goes for a jog

I put a collection of uplifting, motivational music on my ipod, that i listened to while jogging around a local park in the evenings. Mostly completely shocking things like The Final Countdown, the new batman theme and some crap euro football song called campione.

Which resulted in me fighting off a mugger to Eye of the Tiger playing in my ears.

It was the single, greatest moment of my life.

Lost my wallet though.
(, Thu 7 Feb 2008, 17:11, 3 replies)
I can only imagine
how equally awesome and terrifying that must have been at the same time. A click for you.
(, Thu 7 Feb 2008, 17:21, closed)
Similar thing happened to me, although with a somewhat less awesome soundtrack, while out running.

Except I had no wallet on me and was fighting the mugger listening to...Bjork...It's Oh So Quiet*. Was a very surreal experience...

*I-pod on random and music shuffled on...
(, Thu 7 Feb 2008, 17:23, closed)
A click
and a running story. You will generally pick the rhythm of the music to run to....which is why Slayer's Reign In Blood album is a Bad Idea. (Been There Done That)
(, Thu 7 Feb 2008, 18:26, closed)

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