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This is a question Mobile phone disasters

Top Tip: Got "Going Underground" by The Jam as your ringtone? Avoid harsh stares and howling relatives by remembering to switch to silent mode at a funeral.

How has a mobile phone wrecked your life?

(, Thu 30 Jul 2009, 12:14)
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Nun Fun
My dad is a train driver, and as anyone with relatives on t'railway will know, this means you usually get the joys of the holy "priv ticket", that being a ticket which normally allows you 16 free trips anywhere in the country by rail, and after that a 75% discount on all fares (may be different now but that's how it was in the good old days). Anyway, because of this I would travel all over the country by train and on an oddly large number of occasions, I would find myself sat opposite a nun.

So one day I am heading to sunny Wolverhampton for some reason. Probably a hankering for incest or child eating or something. Sat opposite me is the nunniest nun you have ever laid eyes upon. None where nunnier than this nun. None.

Normally I leave my phone on vibrate when out and about as I am permanently plugged into my ipod. As we are just short of Birmingham New Street, this nun begins to glare at me like I was possessed by Satan, or Muslims or somesuch. I became pretty uncomfortable and for a brief time was convinced my skin would begin to bubble and melt, or I'd bleed black like that fella from Dogma.

As this Jihad-staredown was going on, the song on my ipod finished, and in the silent space between songs, all became clear.

My phone wasn't on vibrate. It was on very loudly.

"Everyone has AIDS! Ba ba ba-ba ba, AIDS AIDS AIDS!"
(, Thu 30 Jul 2009, 14:20, 3 replies)
None where nunnier than this nun. None.
(, Thu 30 Jul 2009, 14:47, closed)
My first officelol of the day
thanks for that.
(, Fri 31 Jul 2009, 11:47, closed)
I currently have
that song as my ringtone. I consider it a race - my phone does one vibrate as a warning then I have the short intro to answer it before risking mortal offence to all withing earshot. Makes me much more punctual in picking up!
(, Fri 31 Jul 2009, 13:26, closed)

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