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This is a question Little Moments of Joy

Freddie Woo says: What has made you smile and made your day better recently? We need cheering up.

(, Thu 23 Jan 2014, 14:02)
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You do realise that this bias towards children by parents is genetic
and is essential for our survival?
The fact that as a non parent, you can't see this, is proof.
(, Tue 28 Jan 2014, 13:47, closed)
Yes I know it's genetic.
And I'm all for parents loving and caring for their children to the best of their ability.

I'd just rather they understood that it's not special, it's not funny, it's not interesting, billions of other people do it (most without going on about it), and crucially it is not an appropriate answer to every single QOTW.
(, Tue 28 Jan 2014, 13:51, closed)
I think you're right and you're a beautiful person.
We're all proud of you Son.
(, Tue 28 Jan 2014, 14:30, closed)

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