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This is a question You're a moviestar baby

Setting up a 'greenscreen' at work got me thinking about the films and tv that I've accidentally been in.

Helena Bonham-Carter vehicle "The Heart of Me" was filmed in our old office, and features several of us peering through the curtains whilst they filmed in the square outside. Similarly, my girlfriend was in an episode of the Professionals that was filmed outside her house.

What have you been in the background of?

(, Thu 11 Nov 2004, 11:34)
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OK so im in my IT class when the headmaster comes in with a cameraman
I dont goto a private school so i thought "this isnt illegal private school bumboy action being filmed, so whats going on then?"
No it turned out they wanted to do a few shots of the IT room with the headmaster pretending to look interested in what kids were doing on the computers
HOWEVER they didnt want US in the room, no we were too old, greasy and spotty (16) they wanted some fresh faced first years looking fresh faced while the smarmy head looked smarmy.
So feeling a bit rejected and vengefull while they were carting in said first years i opened paint and quickly drew the most horrific thing i could in 30 seconds which included some evil looking faces and badly drawn cocks.
I was then told to make way for some innocent looking 12 year old girl who took my seat...and my computer.
Que photo's being taken, no-one noticing anything out of the ordinary until the photo's get printed....que me looking very smug as the picture's are printed in the local paper and reveal a very scared looking 12 year old sitting staring at a computer screen covered in demonic faces and cocks whilst the headmaster stands in the back looking like a smug twat,HAHA and HA
(core blimey that was a long and wide one, and it went on for ages, fancy a ciggarette?)
(, Thu 11 Nov 2004, 18:58, Reply)

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