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This is a question You're a moviestar baby

Setting up a 'greenscreen' at work got me thinking about the films and tv that I've accidentally been in.

Helena Bonham-Carter vehicle "The Heart of Me" was filmed in our old office, and features several of us peering through the curtains whilst they filmed in the square outside. Similarly, my girlfriend was in an episode of the Professionals that was filmed outside her house.

What have you been in the background of?

(, Thu 11 Nov 2004, 11:34)
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Not so much me as my hair
I was in the audience for The Friday Night Armistice once and noticed the man in front of me was wearing a balaclava - thankfully he turned out to be a plant, not a terrorist. When they interviewed him you could see my [then big] hair seemingly protuding out of his balaclava.

Also, it might be worth mentioning my flatmate may have snuck in behind Dennis Waterman when they were filming the Bill in his office yesterday. Sadly, he refrained from humming the Minder theme tune.
(, Tue 16 Nov 2004, 14:06, Reply)
Vomming Neverland
I appear in the background of Finding Neverland vomiting.

(never eat a Starbucks Danish)
(, Tue 16 Nov 2004, 13:41, Reply)
a couple actually....
well first off was being an extra in this Matt Dillon movie in Phnom Penh, Cambodia- "City of Ghosts" (rated 18)
Got to sit on the verandah of Gerard Depardieu's 'bar' drinking 'beer' (sadly not.. until we bought our own for a dollar per can from the bloke round the corner) for 10 days. Met the cast- Gerard is very large, Matt was quite friendly, and the lovely Natascha McElhone... was lovely.
In a later scene, I'm snogging some Finnish girl just over Matt's shoulder at a full-moon party (yay! celluloid love forever)
When i was a kid I was in this programme called "Wake Up London" on a sunday with two guys called 'the vicious boys' (is it me or does that sounds really dodgy in this day and age?)- the episode i was in was about playing chess- i wasn't very good at it.
And then of course, there was my two seconds of fame on Channel 4 news during the 1999 May Day Riot in London's financial district- £2bn of damage, and there was me wearing a gas mask and twirling luminous juggly things. Not really very anarchy, but lots of fun!
And finally.... a little bit on MTV once when they filmed at a club in Birmingham (Bakers) where i was henna tattooing clubbers who were too pilled up to be able to sit still.
(, Tue 16 Nov 2004, 13:15, Reply)
This is my mate Jon in a ropey Hong Kong film called 'Naked Weapon.'
He's the corpse at the back.
(, Tue 16 Nov 2004, 12:57, Reply)
Clockwork Orange
Someone may have written this already, but at Brunel University in Uxbridge, A Clockwork Orange was filmed in our lecture centre (before it was done up). It was the scene where he has his eyes held open and has to watch films. Apparently some more scenes were filmed around campus but I can't remember which ones.
(, Tue 16 Nov 2004, 11:25, Reply)
Does being in a comic count?
<sigh> - I resisted posting for this long, but some of the other sad tales have prompted me to do this...

I do a website for a comic book bloke who I'm a HUGE fan of (else I wouldn't do the site, would I?!) And before you ask it's Bryan Talbot at www.bryan-talbot.com

Anyway - a couple of years ago Bryan told me of the new comic he was writing and so I immediatly whinged and whined to get included as a background character (a practice that Bryan is well known for) - and lo! He did it! I got immortalised in a comic! (check it out here - I'm the one on the far right hand side in the background)

And not only am I in a comic by my all-time hero - but I am an anti-royalist revolutionary too! Yeah! Smash the state!!!
(, Tue 16 Nov 2004, 9:49, Reply)
I was in the congregation on Sunday Service
probably about 1992 on Scottish TV. (forced into it by my parents I assure you)
Suprisingly a lot of people at school had seen it and I got beaten up the next day :(
(, Tue 16 Nov 2004, 9:41, Reply)
If you remember the scene in pretty woman
where julia roberts leans out of the hotel window: I'm the one just visible in the background katzenjammering her up the wrong'n.
(, Tue 16 Nov 2004, 9:20, Reply)
Almost famous
When I was in 6th form our art teacher took us to see a gilbert and george exhibition at the liverpool tate gallery in Albert dock. As soon as he turned his back we rushed over to the "This morning" studio to shout shoplifter at Ritchard Finigan through the window.
(, Tue 16 Nov 2004, 5:58, Reply)
Pobl y Cwm
They film the fantastic welsh soap around and about, so I often wander through some scene of sheep buggery or incestual lechery, though it is tricky to know if there is any filming going on at the time.
Anyway, they filmed outside my nearest newsagents back when I delivered papers for them.
Although I was probably delivering papers when anything was actually being filmed there.
(, Tue 16 Nov 2004, 5:41, Reply)
didn't quite make it
it was a couple of years ago when the stones were touring and i was working for ticketmaster.
it was the first day on-sale and the line of people was a good block long.
there was a news guy there with a camera and about a half hour into the sale he decided to put the camera and light in my face.
i turned around and screamed at him 'what the fuck do you want? can't you see i'm busy?'
needless to say i didn't make it onto the local news.
i did however sell over $10,000 of over-priced stones tickets in less than an hour.
(, Tue 16 Nov 2004, 3:49, Reply)
my mom told me we were going to lunch... but it was really an anti-war protest. we laid down on the ground and outlined our bodies in chalk... it was weird.
later i saw myself on the news. it was awesome.and i got to miss my spanish class. woo
(, Tue 16 Nov 2004, 2:37, Reply)
Big Brother
I was on the first big brother..

I openened one of the doors that wats his face and some guy were walking thru when he'd been ejaculated from the house
(, Tue 16 Nov 2004, 1:22, Reply)
Caught out.
I was also shown on live Tv doing crowd control for some shitty teen pop band. The only trouble with that was I threw a sicky from my regular job which at the time was selling Tv's in a Posh dept store. I faked a cold because the pay was loads better for a few days work.
So as the boss is walking across the shop floor he sees me live on BBC working there when i'm meant to be selling the very tv's I'm apearing on.
(, Mon 15 Nov 2004, 23:05, Reply)
I think they follow me...
The TV series Heartbeat is filmed in my home town of Otley, as well as over in Whitby.
I have this uncanny tendency to be out wandering or shopping, when i'll stumble upon a film set for it.
I've been the background on about 3 episodes now... including a beautiful cameo appearance stranded at the back of a shop while trying to buy a new pen.

Oh i've also ruined a few takes of one program when they were filming in the school hall next to the computer lab i was in. It was a cold day and people kept leaving the door open. I kept absent-mindedly slamming it, often with curses such as "SHUT THE FUCKING DOOR YOU MORO- oh shit" shortly followed by a tired sounding "cuut..."

i scarpered before they came to yell at me
(, Mon 15 Nov 2004, 23:03, Reply)
A BBC documentary.
Most years up until this one, I visited the Bisley Shooting Ground in Surrey for the Imperial Meeting (probably the main event in a shooter's calendar). They hold the Queen's Prize during the meeting - again, probably (one of) the biggest competitions a shooter can enter.

Anyway, this has been going on for over 100 years now, and back when I was two years old (about '85/86) the Beeb were filming a documentary about the sport and the Queen's Prize, and about the camp itself.

My Dad has been the barman behind the English XX Club for the last quarter of a century, only giving it up this year. Which explains why, when the documentary peeps are filming the front of the clubhouse, I come running out of the front of it and straight into my Mum's waiting arms.

Aah, bless.

My Dad has the documentary on video at home (proper official in-the-shops video ;) ) but I daren't show it to anyone.
(, Mon 15 Nov 2004, 22:55, Reply)
This is David Lander
I used to work in an office round the corner from Battersea Heliport. One day they were filming a TV comedy program called 'This is David Lander' in front of the building.

The scene involved the lead actor running out of the entrance to our building being chased by reporters, then heading up the road into a helicopter waiting at the heliport and flying off.

My office was right above the entrance so we spent most of the day watching them film about 10 takes for this, peering out of the windows. Most of the time we were p*&&*&g ourselves laughing, as everytime they ran out of the building, the camera crew and all of the production team (about 20 of 'em) would run out into the busy main roud outside the office and follow the actors. There were a couple of near misses, but no-one got run over.

They also used to film a lot of 'The Bill' episodes around there and where I lived, so I got into the background there a couple if times. I was also annoyed one time when I couldn't go into the shop on the way to work as they were filming a robbery in there.
(, Mon 15 Nov 2004, 22:17, Reply)
Remember Hold Tight
It was the kids show filmed at Alton Towers, giant vertical snakes and ladders board.

I was in a team on the show with a medieval theme, I fancied Sue Robbie and spent most of the time looking down the very low cut 'princess' dress she was wearing.

Buster Bloodvessel and Nik Kershaw was on it and Bob Carolgees was an alright bloke. Best bit was getting to spend the day jumping the queue on all the rides as they gave you a Granada badge. We also got to take a whole coach load of friends with us and they also got in for free.

Worst bit was despite winning the show and getting a close up of me showing my prowess with a bow and arrow,( voice over of Sue saying "Ooh, he's good!", nearly gave me a hard on when I watched it), we only won a crappy Alphabet Zoo Annual from Ralph McTell, suitable for pre-schoolers! What a cunt. The look of disgust on all our faces is quite plain to see as the credits role.

My sister deliberately recorded over my copy of it after some petty squabble, I still cast it up to her nearly 25 years later. Oh fuck, that can't be right, I'm an old bastard, I bet Sue Robbie is a bit less pert now days, I still would though.

No apologies for length, and did I really see Rob mention someone finishing off a Cat? I hope for their sake they were in Denmark or certain States in America.
(, Mon 15 Nov 2004, 22:07, Reply)
Viagra and Annoying Comedians
I was recently filmed talking about Viagra for the local news. The anchorwomen said I had a good point.

And I'm in a recent issue of ToyFare magazine because I sent in a picture of Carrottop and me holding the magazine.
(, Mon 15 Nov 2004, 22:02, Reply)
Central News
I did a bit of work for Central News it was when the lunchtime show was filmed in the newsroom and the people at watching at home could see what we were doing in the background. One day 60 seconds before broadcast time someone started a paper ball fight, rolled up bits of paper were flying around the newsroom for the next 59 seconds and exactly 1 second before we appeared on air the last bit of paper bounced off someones head and everyone was back at their desk pretending to work.
(, Mon 15 Nov 2004, 20:57, Reply)
It was about when i was 16, i was interviewed for local news about some money my school was getting (right little kiss ass i was) i was on local news at 6:30, just after the headline story of "Cat Up Tree"
(, Mon 15 Nov 2004, 19:31, Reply)
Assaulting a camera man
when I was about 5 I was playing on the beach when I saw a BBC camera man filming bathers braving the north sea. After running back an forth infront of his shot a couple of times I threw a handful of sand at his back and ran away.
(, Mon 15 Nov 2004, 18:51, Reply)
shellshock rock
a low budget punk rock movie set in Belfast in the 80's, finishes as the credits role with a couple walking past the city's christmas tree, guy is carrying a bass guitar and it's me, didn't know until I saw the movie
(, Mon 15 Nov 2004, 18:30, Reply)
Licensed to quack
I was on Russian Television at the end of the Cold War

Interviewed for a news programme about Russian news media, I was captioned as "S Duck, British Spy".

I have yet to be issued with my Walther PPK and magnetic wristwatch that makes young ladies' clothes fall off.
(, Mon 15 Nov 2004, 18:27, Reply)
I'll Have a Shite Please, Bob
Me and my mate were on Blockbusters. We got beaten by a girl and we only won 40 quid each, plus a sweatshirt, a dictionary and a FiloFax. We were shit. The week after it was screened I was doing my milk-money round in the dark when a bunch of younger kids wearing balaclavas held an air pistol to my head and said they were going to execute me for 'being an embarrassment to the town'. I survived, however, because I'm very hard.
(, Mon 15 Nov 2004, 17:57, Reply)
This question takes me back...
In 1944 I was flying a Spitfire over occupied France. A German Boeing 747 fighter plane was on my tail. After four hours of dogfighting we were both out of bullets. The only option left was to fly at each other and try to remove each others wings with our own. Naturally, being British, I swiftly removed his wings, and watched with glee as I saw his evil nazi face engulfed with flames. It was then that I noticed that our fight had taken me completely off course; I was over evil nazi Germany. What's more, I was nearly out of fuel. I had to bail out. I donned my best bowler hat and pressed my trousers. Then I parachuted out. As I fell to the ground, imagine my embarrasment when I realised I was falling into the background of the party scene in Three Men And A Baby (which was filmed in evil Nazi Germany because Tom Selleck was the body double for evil Nazi Fuhrer). So, next time you are watching this family comedy romp, look out for a bowler hatted World War Two pilot in the background, mercilessly slaughtering evil nazi extras with his pen-knife.
(, Mon 15 Nov 2004, 17:29, Reply)
I was in the Hull Daily Thingy once. My housemates had been at a demo against British Aerospace and had let the newspaper know. Only they didn't take any photos so they came round to our house afterwards. We posed against the outside of our house holding a big banner, pretending to be at the base. Not bad getting my picture in the paper for a demo I never even went to...
(, Mon 15 Nov 2004, 17:07, Reply)
You're on the news.
There I was in Amsterdam, sitting in the Grasshopper sampling the local wares, if you know what I mean. This fairly familiar looking bloke is being filmed in there. I was a little worse for wear and so took little notice....

Until 3 days later that is. There was a news report on South East at 6 about drug tourism. Guess who was sitting in the background of the report???
(, Mon 15 Nov 2004, 16:16, Reply)
Remains Of The Day
I walked past Anthony Hopkins in Remains Of The Day as he was driving to park an expensive old car....he stalled it 6 times.
(, Mon 15 Nov 2004, 16:16, Reply)
my dad and brother are walking across a bridge in the background of the awful Nick Berry vehicle "Harbour Lights", which was filmed in the little town we go on holiday to. Never actually saw them, as the programme was too terrible to sit through. Personally, a local news team were filming at the bus stop down the road the other day as I was waiting for one to turn up for college, so I'm in the background somewhere there. Exciting.

Edit: Oh yeah, and Reuben film their videos round here (what with living near me and all). The one for Let's Stop Hanging Out, the van they're abducted in belongs to my uncle, and the park Jamie's walking round in is round the corner from me. The schoolkids in Freddy Krueger are from my old school, and I think the classroom they're in was my form room... They've filmed in The Rock Box, my favourite record shop, a fair few times too. Never managed to get myself in the background though *sigh*

Edit 2: Am probably in some crowd shots of Reading festival this year too. Never managed to get my tits out quick enough though.

I'll shut up now.
(, Mon 15 Nov 2004, 15:47, Reply)

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