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This is a question Mugged

Your Ginger Fuhrer was telling me the other night about going out in Birmingham after finishing a shift working in a bar. Very drunk, still dressed in his bar uniform, our fearless leader was mugged.

They stole his green stick-on bow tie.

(, Thu 15 Jun 2006, 14:58)
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I've never been mugged, as such
In other words, I have had people coming up to me and attempting to steal my things plenty times in the quiet backstreets of London, it's just that they only seem to do it when I have nothing of value, which is not actually that often as I usually have my semi-decent phone on me. To date I have been mugged of: an out of date travelcard, a saver ticket (just one, with stump,) a receipt from Tesco's (no idea why they wanted it) and 50p. Not all at the same time, either.
(, Thu 15 Jun 2006, 23:20, Reply)

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