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This is a question Mums

Mrs Liveinabin tells us: My mum told me to eat my vegetables, or I wouldn't get any pudding. I'm 32 and told her I could do what I like. I ate my vegetables. Tell us about mums.

(, Thu 11 Feb 2010, 13:21)
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It's my first post, please be gentle
My brother, dad and I all love my mum dearly, and even more so when she says or does something crazy. I suspect it is because my mum doesnt like silence, so if no one speaks, she will continue to do so until someone takes over, even if this brings her to say the most random or stupid things.

Pitcure this, I am moving abroad for a while and invite the rents round for a bye bye dinner.

Mum: "So, er, do they have internet in Japan?"
Daft: "Of course they do, they are a pretty high-tech country."
Mum: "Yeah I knew that, but does facebook reach(?) all the way over there is what I mean."
Daft: "...yeaaah, facebook is pretty much anywhere the internet is."
Mum: "Ah right, right... so, er, do they have... washing machines in Japan?"
Daft: "...What??... No mum, they all smack their clothes against rocks by the river."
Mum: "Really??"
Daft: "No mum."

(the questions continue for an hour)

While away I set the rents up with a skype account so we could chat every so often. One time, I catch my mum while she is home alone. She has been talking frantically for the last ten minutes about her new wallpaper boarders or something like that, then stops suddenly, and begins to frantically scan the ceiling with eyes wide like a squirrel on E.

Mum: "Oh my God!... is the roof leaking?!?!"
Daft: "....?"
Mum: touches her forehead "Oh it's ok, I'm just sweating."

You could literally hear my laughs on the other side of the world!*

She is also a total chocoholic, but I will save that also a devious chocoholic, but I will save that for another post.

*Technically via skype, I'm not that loud
(, Thu 18 Feb 2010, 9:09, 2 replies)
I think you have my mum.
Can I have her back please.
(, Thu 18 Feb 2010, 10:23, closed)
I like
Like I
(, Thu 18 Feb 2010, 12:37, closed)

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