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This is a question My Saviour

Labour leader Ed Miliband recently dashed into the middle of a road to save a fallen cyclist. Who has come to your rescue? Have you ever been the rescuer?

(, Thu 9 May 2013, 13:29)
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Not me personally...

When I was a teenager final year I think, and it was half term. There would be many of us that would head over to the local park for drinking and recreational drugs.

A good mate of mine was out with another friend in the group who decided to take an E. After an hour or two they decided to go off somewhere ‘pilled up’. They were on a different level from us who were on cheap lager and wine. I didn’t see my mates for the rest of the evening but they filled me in the next day on the events that happened. When they had wandered off they headed over to the park gates where they found two younger girls who attended the same school. One of the girls said please help my friend she’s slipped trying to get over the spiked railings. As it was late in the evening the park gates were locked so climbing over was the only option. As they walked over they saw the girl stuck on a spike. It was a freak accident. Somehow the girl landed on the spike which had actually torn through her clothing and went up her arse! Both girls had been drinking and weren’t totally with it in the first place. My mates helped leaver off the spike and got her back on her feet but she was in shock and also in huge amount of pain, she couldn’t walk. My mate carried her back home as it was just around the corner in his arms still completely out of his nut. He called the ambulance and left her friend to it as the girl’s parents where away for the weekend. The girl stayed in hospital for weeks recovering.

When we were all back at school my mate got a mention at assembly saying how brave and heroic he was. Quite funny really because it came from the Head of Year who was trying to expel him for being such a stoner.
(, Fri 10 May 2013, 11:47, 6 replies)

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So you're saying she'd pierced her bot on a spiiiiike?

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Hands up who else thought that they were going to spike the girls' drink with E?

(, Fri 10 May 2013, 14:36, closed)

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