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This is a question My Saviour

Labour leader Ed Miliband recently dashed into the middle of a road to save a fallen cyclist. Who has come to your rescue? Have you ever been the rescuer?

(, Thu 9 May 2013, 13:29)
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The End

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I once cycled down a road and hit a car that reversed out of a driveway fast
i fell in the road and died... no wait thats not right
I left a big dent in the rear wing and blacked out for about 15 seconds, I woke up in the middle of the road - somehow I managed to cut the inside of my leg through my jeans without cutting my jeans (think it was on the handlebars)...

Umm I once saved a fish from drowning, it was delicious
(, Wed 15 May 2013, 21:20, 2 replies)

(, Wed 15 May 2013, 20:54, Reply)
Is this that game where people take turns saying a word til one of them says something amusing or clever and the audience laugh?
cos you seem to be playing it wrong.
(, Wed 15 May 2013, 20:01, 11 replies)
Drunk bloke
When I was at secondary school the love of my life was the lovely Liz; she of the enormous breasts and dirty laugh. Unfortunately for most of the time to her I was just a weedy bloke in the year below. However luckily for me our paths home coincided and more often than not we'd end up walking home together. Usually because I hung around the school gate until I saw her mighty chest emerging round the corner then would 'just happen' to be walking home at the same time as her.

Anyway, one day as we were walking home we saw a couple of men sitting on a garden wall, the one man holding the other up. One of them called us over, asking for help. I thought at first they were a couple of drunks, but as we got closer I saw the older man was obviously unwell. Immediately I told Liz to hold his hand and talk to him while I ran round the corner to the shop to call an ambulance (this was well before the time of mobile phones). As I rushed back I saw the old man leaning his head comfortably on Liz's impressive bust: he did seem to be looking better. Soon enough the ambulance came and whisked the man off and we continued our walk home.

A few days later, as we were again on the way home, we saw the old bloke and his wife standing by their garden gate. It turned out the man had a heart problem, if the ambulance hadn't come he could have died. They thanked us for helping him, and as we left the lady said what a lovely couple we were. Liz flushed bright red, I got an instant stiffy from the sudden vision of being in an actual relationship with Liz and her pneumatic bosom (well, I was a teenager at the time). So although I may have saved that bloke's life, the most important thing for me was that the event got me a little closer to Liz's boobs.

Post scriptum: I did eventually get my hands on her baps, and boy was it worth the wait. Magnificent bazongas. Sadly we were never to be a couple, and she went off with some bloke 10 years her senior.

tl;dr Saved some bloke's life, got me slightly closer to a pair of enormous tits.
(, Wed 15 May 2013, 19:57, 3 replies)
Changed a tire once
Few girls in high school were standing around their minivan looking sad after school, I went over - I kindof knew them and they were attractive types - found out they had a flat tire, so I helped them change it. Took the time along the way to show em how to do it - as my father had showed me just a few months before. They were on their way shortly and I felt good about it, maybe fantasized that night about how I would have liked to have been thanked - but otherwise forgot about it.

For the next few weeks in school, whenever one of these girls passed me in the hallways, they'd clasp their hands together, put them next to their cheek, tilt their heads and flutter their eyelashes at me and say really loud in an over the top sappy damsel in distress voice:

"My Hero!" as they walked by, ending it with the big dramatic damsel Sigh.

And that was it - no sex or drugs or anything big (sorry =)), just a little fun acknowledgement, in public, that was half making fun and half sincere for a while after it happened.

At 16? I had to pretend I was too cool to care about such silliness... but really, I thought it was pretty ace.

Because of them, I "had to" explain to whoever I was walking with, in a humble way, what they were talking about and I got a little social status bump from it all. I still think that was a cool thing for them to do, even if just in fun.

Saying thanks always counts, saying thanks to a teen where his peers can see, when you're a pretty girl? Ace. They were good folk.
(, Wed 15 May 2013, 19:13, 8 replies)
(Am I doing this right?)
(, Wed 15 May 2013, 18:54, 1 reply)

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