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This is a question Near Death Experiences II

Freddie Woo says: I was once caught right in the middle of in an early morning high-speed 30-car pile-up on the M3, but emerged from the chaos in the only car not to have suffered a dent. My trousers told a different story, and learned that you *do* empty your bowels as Death's icy grip reaches out for you. Tell us about your audition for the Final Destination films.

Suggested by Just a Vagabond

(, Thu 15 May 2014, 12:55)
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Avril Lavigne in near dearth of celebrity news stories.

Sorry, no otters.
(, Sun 18 May 2014, 15:13, 7 replies)
all grown up, etc

(, Sun 18 May 2014, 15:29, closed)
"married to Chad Kroeger"
(, Sun 18 May 2014, 16:01, closed)
(, Mon 19 May 2014, 4:54, closed)
Some excellent journalism here.
"The singer covered up a bit more of her body later in the day"
(, Mon 19 May 2014, 7:09, closed)
Sounds like a crime scene.

(, Mon 19 May 2014, 9:11, closed)
Yep. That'll do it.
*Flops into a spunky pile*
(, Mon 19 May 2014, 9:45, closed)
To be fair, "woman wears bikini on holiday" is pretty much a standard story for the Mail

Along with "Europeans pass crazy law that causes outrage in UK" and "Why can't we go back to the good old days of public floggings and powdered egg?"
(, Mon 19 May 2014, 16:09, closed)

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